Undergraduate National Councilor

Introduction to the Office

At every Convention, three undergraduates from the Resident Council are elected to serve on the National Council. The National Council is the governing body of the fraternity between Conventions and is responsible for its administration.


To be eligible, a Resident Council member shall have at least one (1) year remaining as an undergraduate student (summers excluded) at the time of the election.


The ideal Undergraduate National Councilor (UNC) is motivated to get involved and is a self starter. UNCs are expected to learn how the Council works and contribute from the beginning. All members of the National Council are expected to live up to the ideals of the fraternity and to be good examples at all times.

The Process

If you are interested in running for Undergraduate National Councilor, the first step is filling out an application. Applicants are interviewed by the UNC Nominating Committee at Convention. The committee votes on each applicant and proposes a slate of the three top candidates to the Convention. Candidates who do not make the slate are still permitted to "run from the floor." After the slate is presented and the other candidates declare their candidacy from the floor, each candidate is allowed to give a five minute speech. After speeches, the Convention starts the voting process.

What to Expect

The National Council is composed of alumni volunteers who bring different skill sets to the table. The Council handles many types of business; including budget oversight, membership issues, fraternity initiatives, and most recently the Strategic Plan. Being involved with so much can be overwhelming, but the point is to ask questions, learn about how the fraternity operates, and contribute to the group.

The National Council meets face to face twice per year. Between meetings, the Council uses conference calls to conduct business. In addition to meetings, UNCs can also participate in committees and get involved with chapters in their region. You can expect to spend at least 5 hours per month performing your duties as a UNC.

With this position, you get out what you put in. You can attend meetings and do the minimum, or jump in head first and really make a difference. This is a great opportunity to help make our fraternity better and gain experience that will help you in your career after graduation.

Still Have Questions?

If you want to learn more about the UNC position, contact one of the current Undergraduate National Councilors:

Mike Cerulo, Rider '04, moc.liamg|olurecekim#moc.liamg|olurecekim
Nick Fazio, Florida State '04, ude.usf|40fjn#ude.usf|40fjn
Dan Oney, Florida '04, moc.liamg|yeno.nad#moc.liamg|yeno.nad

You may also contact the chairman of the UNC Nominating Committee, Eric Friese, Auburn '01, at moc.liamg|eseirfe#moc.liamg|eseirfe.

Are you interested in running for the National Council or nominating someone for the position?

The deadline for Declarations of Intent has passed, but you may still run from the floor at Convention. If you have questions, please email Eric Friese at moc.liamg|eseirfe#moc.liamg|eseirfe

Strategic Plan and Organizational Assessment Briefing

There is a conference call scheduled for 11:00am ET on Monday, August 4, to offer any National Council candidates a briefing on the Phi Kappa Tau Strategic Plan and the Organizational Assessment with the expectation that this additional information may assist in helping prepare materials and/or remarks at the Convention. After the deadline has passed this week for candidates to declare their nomination, emails will be sent directly to those candidates with additional information.

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