Time needed

40 minutes

Supplies Needed

pens and paper

Logistical Instructions

Each participant will need a copy of Worksheet B


  1. Facilitator will read aloud the statements listed below
  2. Participants will then record their responses in the box, starting with the box on the top and proceeding clockwise.
  3. Are there any questions before we begin?

Statements to read:
Box #1: Member of your family do you consider a role model?
Box #2: Your most important possession.
Box #3: What are you most proud of about yourself?
Box #4: A quote/statement/phrase by which you live your life
Box #5: One thing no one would know by looking at you.
Box #6: An event that has a profound impact on you?
Box #7: Quality or trait that you learned from one of your friends.
Box #8: Anything else you would like to add

  • When you are finished have each person pick 2 boxes they would like to share with the group.

Note that it is important for you to know who you are and for you to know who your brothers areā€¦..that is what fraternity is about, that is what Phi Kappa Tau is about.

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