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Phi Kappa Tau members and their constituents are able to join.

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Wiki has a really quick learning curve, but if you are new to Wiki technology you may want to read how to the add, edit and remove content sections.


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No, this program is built on a different kind of technology than The Link. We do encourage you to create an account with the same email and password as your link account for ease of use.
Before editing and creating resources please become a member of The Link at

Where do I find official information or offical resources?

The purpose of this site is for members and consitutents to share ideas and information and improve and change documents and procedures. Therefore, Phi Tau does not guarantee all information is correct or official. For correct official documents such as Required Reports, Risk Management Policies, etc. please visit The Link at

The Phi Kappa Tau Resource Library is a site for Phi Kappa Tau members and their constituents to review, create, and share resources related to the Fraternity. You can review material on different officer positions, event ideas and best practices. As a member you can edit material, upload new content, and attach files. Wiki technology is based on the idea that no one of us is as knowledgeable as all of us.

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