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Standards and Accountability

Standards Overview

Chapters call it by different names: the judicial board or standards board. Whatever your chapter may call it; it is there for the same reason … to take care of internal discipline and to promote brotherhood and accountability.

The standards committee, when properly used, can take some pressure off the executive council and help the chapter run more smoothly.

Reasons to have a Standards committee are self-governance, accountability, education and brotherhood development.

The self-governance component exemplifies that the chapter identifies areas of need, and takes action upon violations of ideals and policies. If the chapter cannot handle problems internally, external forces (the university/college, the Fraternity, local alumni) must intervene, resulting in an unpleasant situation for all. However, if the chapter handles its problems internally, exercising its right to self-governance, the external forces mentioned above will not have to intervene.

Secondly, holding our brothers and new members accountable for their actions is essential when running a chapter. There is a need to quickly and appropriately confront behavior that violates Phi Kappa Tau principles and policies. Failing to hold members accountable for their actions diminishes the value of being a member of Phi Kappa Tau.

The final purpose, education, assures hearing procedures, and sanctions administered, are beneficial for the individual(s) and the chapter as a whole.

Please refer to the Chapter Standards Board Handbook for details on the procedure.

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