Reducing The Risk At Social Events
Table of Contents
  • Doors, windows, and the perimeters of the event should be controlled
  • Members will be assigned to make sure that overly intoxicated people do not leave the premises
  • There must be a preprinted and valid guest list at the entrance
  • Someone must be checking IDs carefully to confirm a person is on the guest list
  • The social event should not be advertised by posters, leaflets, etc…that would invite people other than those on the guest list
  • No type of admission (cover charge, "donations", purchasing a t-shirt, poster, etc.) should be required to enter the social event
  • Have a licensed bartender on the premises at all times
  • Provide non-alcoholic beverages and non-salty foods
  • Do not allow intoxicated persons to enter the event
  • Do not allow intoxicated persons to continue to consume alcohol
  • Do not allow persons to leave the premises with open containers of alcoholic beverages
  • Restrict guests to bringing a reasonable amount of alcohol to consume
  • Do not allow guests to bring hard liquor
  • Set up a time to close the event, in accordance with city regulations of bars
  • Have active members (at least 3 or 4) acting as sober monitors to insure control of the event
  • Turn music and other noise down as it gets later at night
  • Do not allow people to congregate on your property or at the entrance to the event

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