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These guidelines must be used when planning, organizing and executing any social event your chapter conducts. Through your responsible efforts and the use of these guidelines you can provide your guests with a safe and enjoyable environment for social activities.

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Risk Management


  • Budget appropriately to ensure that the social event will be within the means of the chapter.
  • Know in advance whether the event is going to be using a third party vendor, or BYOB (only two ways a party is in compliance with RM guidelines) and have things lined out accordingly.
  • Make sure you have gone through all levels of proper registration on your campus and in your community.
  • Center your event around a theme. Be creative so that everyone will enjoy participating. This will reduce the emphasis on alcohol to have a good time. However, themes must be appropriate. Pimps and Hoes, White Trash Bash etc. are not appropriate
  • Set definite beginning and ending times for your function.
  • If you are planning a function, especially one held outside, notify your neighbors at least a week in advance. Provide your neighbors with your telephone number so that they can contact you if necessary. Be polite and work together with the neighborhood to reduce conflicts.
  • Whenever possible, use the safest form of transportation to and from the event. Use Taxi, shuttle, designated drivers or rent buses and vans to ensure the safety of brothers and guests.
  • Always use and have available a guest list with specific invitations to your events. Maintain these lists and save in a folder for at least 2 years from the date of the event.
  • Ensure all exits and entrances are clear of obstructions. At least two monitors should be present at all times to prevent uninvited people from entering.
  • Make sure you have adequate waste disposal containers to prevent accidents and unnecessary litter. Always clean up both the inside and outside of the property immediately following the event.
  • If problems arise during the event, do not take matters into your own hands. Call campus security or the local police department.
  • Review the University, National Fraternity, State, Local and Federal regulations with members of the chapter on issues such as alcohol and other illegal substances. Failure to observe these regulations could result not only in legal actions, but it could also result in loss of insurance coverage.
  • Review Crisis management procedures.
  • If questions arise consult your Chapter Advisor, Boards of Governors, Domain Director, Greek Affairs office, or the Phi Kappa Tau Executive offices for assistance or legal advice.

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