Shideler Award Winners

William H. Shideler Award

The Fraternity's highest undergraduate honor, presented
annually to the most outstanding graduating senior in Phi Kappa Tau
The award is named for Honored Founder William H. Shideler


Above is the 2008 Shideler Award Winner, Daniel J. Ginter


Past Winners

Name Chapter School Year
William E. Cromer Alpha Miami 1938
Herman E. Taylor Pi Southern California 1940
Harold H. Short Alpha Sigma Colorado State 1940
Louis Liebl, Jr. Rho Rensselaer 1941
Wallace R. Steffan Alpha Omega Baldwin Wallace 1947
Harold S. Burt Zeta Illinois 1948
R. Douglas Trezise Alpha Alpha Michigan State 1949
John E. Fulker Alpha Miami 1950
John L. Myers Beta Tau Bowling Green 1951
John D. Ray Alpha Lambda Auburn 1953
Gene A. German Alpha Alpha Michigan State 1954
Thomas S. Nichols Alpha Miami 1955
James S. Voorhees Zeta Illinois 1955
James G. Jones Alpha Miami 1956
James J. Kaster Alpha Psi Texas- El Paso 1957
Henry R. Adler Beta Tau Bowling Green 1958
Richard E. Truchses Eta Muhlenberg 1959
Colin A. Heath Alpha Delta Case Western 1960
Thomas L. Stennis II Alpha Chi Mississippi State 1961
Thomas J. Scott Kappa Kentucky 1962
Lawrence H. Westerfield Kappa Kentucky 1963
Lawrence L. Fisher Gamma Ohio State 1964
Thomas L. Good Zeta Illinois 1965
John E. Sullivan Pi Southern California 1966
Oscar F. Westerfield Kappa Kentucky 1967
Forrest S. Kuhn, Jr. Beta Beta Louisville 1968
Tom Lockhard Gamma Mu Bradley 1969
James M. Harvey Gamma Chi Delta State 1970
Chris R. Youtz Alpha Lambda Auburn 1971
Thomas D. Creighton Upsilon Nebraska Wesleyan 1972
Jay E. Smith Pi Southern California 1973
Robin L. Feuerbacher Alpha Zeta Oregon State 1974
Karl S. Bourdeau Eta Muhlenberg 1975
Edwin J. Lowry, Jr Beta Beta Louisville 1976
Stephan M. Nelson Beta Epsilon Southern Mississippi 1977
David L. Arlington Gamma Nu Rochester Tech 1978
Patrick McGrath III Alpha Eta Florida 1979
Gregory C. Stangle Alpha Pi Washington State 1980
Gary R. Bergam Phi Bethany 1981
Robert R. Chiles Beta Beta Louisville 1982
Daniel F. Atherton Theta Transylvania 1983
Steven C. Krohn Beta Epsilon Southern Mississippi 1984
Corey L. Wilson Delta Tau Cal Poly Pomona 1985
Lincoln D. Zehr Upsilon Nebraska Wesleyan 1986
Scott R. Gindlesberger Epsilon Mount Union 1987
Vincent Forte Beta Epsilon Southern Mississippi 1988
Paul D. Hrics Epsilon Southern Mississippi 1989
Jeffery Zaniker Lambda Purdue 1990
Patrick M. Griffin Zeta Illinois 1991
Paul W. Cramer Gamma Alpha Michigan Tech 1992
Scott E. Wagner Beta Ohio 1993
Rodney S. Harl Nu UC- Berkeley 1994
Brent Cutshall Upsilon Nebraska Wesleyan 1995
Craig A. Williams Phi Bethany 1996
Marcus A Osborne Theta Transylvania 1997
Ryan E. Modlinski Beta Beta Louisville 1998
Eric E. Johnson Chi NC State 1999
Robert C. Gates III Alpha Miami 2000
Gabriel E. Sarah Epsilon Tau Arizona 2001
Craig J. Bryan Delta Beta Evansville 2002
Nathan Rodgers Beta Tau Bowling Green 2003
Brandon T. Bisig Delta Rho Eastern Kentucky 2004
Jeffery M. Hesser Epsilon Tau Arizona 2005
C. Andrew Macak Beta Iota Florida State 2006
Michael Lummus Zeta Alpha Belmont 2007
Daniel J. Ginter Delta Epsilon St. Cloud 2008
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