Officer Transition And Training


Session Objective

  • Provide open dialogue between outgoing and incoming officers
  • Present the Lessons Learned document

Notes: Both outgoing and incoming officers need to be present for this workshop. It is best led by Board of Governors Members.

Time needed

6 hour 45 minutes

Supplies Needed

  • Officer supplies from the previous session
  • Lessons Learned document
  • Flip Chart and Markers

One on One

  • 60 min

Pair each incoming and outgoing officer up and have them go through the officer materials and worksheet A.

Lessons Learned

  • 15 min

The outgoing officers present the Lessons Learned document created in the last session.


Session Objectives

  • Build relationships between the executive officers
  • Educate officers on the national organization
  • Cover appropriate polices and procedures (local and national)
  • Emphasize the importance of communication
  • Explore the purpose of their role as an officer in the fraternity
  • Create a Statement of Expectations for the e-board

Time Needed

  • 5 hours 30 minutes

Supplies Needed

  • Officer notebooks and materials
  • Teambuilding supplies (see below)
  • Lessons Learned document
  • Flip Chart and Markers
  • Risk Management Policy (local and national), Crisis Management Policy, Financial Policy, Standards/Judicial Board, Recruitment/AM Registration/Initiation Policy

Brotherhood Building Events

Overview of National Fraternity

  • 60 min

Facilitator Note: This portion of the retreat should be facilitated by one or more of the following people: advisor, national officer, national staff member, BOG chair, House Corporation officer. All the needed information can be found on the fraternity website –

Instructions: The facilitator should touch on the following aspects of the national fraternity:

  • Brief History of Phi Kappa Tau
  • Structure/Purpose (National Council, Foundation Board, Coordinating Council)
  • Role of Domain Directors
  • Role of Board of Governors
  • Role of House Corporation (is applicable)
  • What is the North-American Interfraternity Conference?
  • The Executive Offices (who works there, purpose, resources)
  • Chapter Leadership Consultants
  • The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation (purpose, services)

Facilitator then asks the participants if they have any questions.

Policies and Procedures

  • 90 min

Facilitator Note: This will more than likely be one of the hardest sections to facilitate. Policies and Procedures are not the most exciting topics, nevertheless they are some of the most important.

Intructions: The facilitator should break the e-board into groups of 2-3 and assign them each 1-2 policies to review.

They goal here is to pick out the key points that everyone needs to know and create a 5 minute presentation that they will present to the rest of the group

At a minimum, the following policies should be covered:

  1. Risk Management Policy (Fraternity and University)
  2. Crisis Management Policy
  3. Financial Policy
  4. Standards/Judical Board
  5. Recruitment/AM registration/Initiation Policy
  6. The Borradaile Challenge

Facilitator then asks if they have any questions

Note: The timing of this session will vary given the different sizes of the Exec Boards. In addition the facilitator needs to move the group along - 45 minutes to review the policy, 20 minutes to plan the presentation, 25 minutes to deliver the presentation.

Leadership - The Creed and Mission

  • 45 min

Instructions: Facilitator begins by askin gall members to stand and recite The Creed of Phi Kappa Tau.

Facilitated Questions:

  • What were some of the words that spoke to you and why?
  • Which line of the creed had the most meaning for you?
  • Why does the fraternity hold the creed in such a high standard?
  • What is the difference between knowing and understanding the creed?
  • What does the creed expect from you?
  • What does the creed have to do with leadership?
  • Why would we be taking about the creed during an officer training program?

Instructions: Facilitator shows the mission statement of the fraternity on the flip chart:

“The mission of Phi Kappa Tau is to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character”.

Facilitated Questions:

  • What is a mission statement?
  • How do the creed and the mission relate?
  • How is a mission statement used in an organization?
  • How can we use the mission statement in this chapter?

Instructions: Have Participants respond individually, on paper, to the following. They will have 5 minutes.

  1. In your own words what does the mission statement mean?
  2. What specific goals do you as an Exec have in order to champion a lifelong commitment to…"
    1. Brotherhood
    2. Learning
    3. Ethical Leadership
    4. Exemplary Character

Have the group share and write onto a large Flipchart.


  • 45 min

Read to Group: Given that we have discussed both the mission statement and The Creed and have talked about what goals we have for the fraternity, we are going to spend the rest of the time talking about expectations. One of the basic expectations of Phi Kappa Tau, and consequently, being a leader is to be men of character.

Character is simply values put in action

Facilitated Questions:

  • What does that definittion mean to you?
  • What are some examples

Facilitator introduces GE Leaders Statement to group
Jack Welsch, former CEO of GE developed this leader statment…

GE Leaders…Always with Unyielding Intergrity:
Have a Passion for Excellence and Hate Bureaucracy
Are Open to Ideas from Everywhere
Live Quality…And Drive Cost and Speed for Competitive Advantage
Have the Self-Confidence to Involve Everyone and Behave in a Boundary-less Fashion
Create a Clear, Simple, Reality-Based Vision…and Communicate It to All Constituencies
Stretch…Set Aggressive Goals…Reward Progress…Yet Understand Accountability and Commitment
See Change as Opportunity…Not Threat
Have Global Brains…and Build Diverse and Global Teams.

Instructions: Using all that we have talked about today, including the mission statement/creed/definition of character your task as a group is to come up with your own leaders guide (i.e. expectation statement) that begins with:

The Executive Board Leaders of (Chapter), always with unyielding character…

You will have 30 minutes to complete this exercise. I will step out of the room, and allow you to focus completely on this project. Please take it seriously – for this is the document that we will use to hold each other accountable.

After 30 minutes, the facilitator re-joins the group.
Facilitated Questions:

  • Tell me about the process of coming up with this statement.
  • How did you apply what we talked about today to the process?
  • What does this statement mean to you?
  • How will we hold each other accountable to it?

Facilitator puts forth that this statement is empty – just words on a piece of paper – if you do not act with character.

Wrap Up

  • 30 min

logistics: Chairs are set in a circle and the gavel will be used.

A badge and a set of letters are placed in the middle of the circle.

Facilitator offers some words of wisdom to the group.

Facilitator reminds the group to earn their badge and letters each day….be a man of character and that he/she has confidence in them to take the fraternity to the next level.

Explains that they are sitting in a Commitment Circle.

Each person will have a chance to speak and will end with responding to the statement: I commit to…..

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