Regional Conference Planner

Regional Conference Planner

Conference Organizers please find below file attachments and links to resources for your conference sessions. Also please explore other areas of this resource library for additional information.


Borradaile Challenge (BC) Criteria: Membership, Recruitment
Each presentation is a 45 minute block:

Roles and responsibilities
Preparation for recruitment
Recruitment communication approaches
Handout 1


The presentation can be done with large group or as a small group breakout. If presented to a large group, you will also need an associate activity.
BC Criteria: Ritual Adherence
Areas include:

  • Model initiation
  • Post Ritual discussion
  • Reflections
  • Honorary initiation

Philanthropy and Community Service

This presentation can be done in multiple sessions or as one large or small group session. We recommend that you utilize Phi Taus who have volunteered at a HITW camp or chapters that have exhibited excellence in service and philanthropy. The Executive Offices can help supply you with contact lists.
BC Criteria: Philanthropy, Community Service
Sessions can include:

  • Motivating others to do community service
  • Planning a philanthropy event
  • HITW Camp Volunteer Information
  • Creating and sustaining a culture of service
Philanthropy and Community Service
community service resources.doc
Philan and Comm Service Talking Points.doc
Philanthropy Event Ideas.doc
Community Service Project Ideas.doc

Standards and Accountability

One Chapter Standards and/or Reinforcement/Accountability Session
BC Criteria: Bylaws, Risk Management, Membership Orientation
Chapter Standards: Discussion of how to create and integrate standards into chapter culture. Topics to include:

  • Using the Borradaile Challenge to create individual member standards
  • Chapter buy-in
  • Including chapter standards in Membership Orientation

Reinforcement/Accountability: Using the standards board to maintain chapter standards. Topics to include:

  • Title VII disciplinary statutes on expulsion
  • Chapter level accountability
  • Role of BOG in standards board
Standards and Accountability
Standards and Accountability Talking points.doc
BIota - Basic Membership Expectations.rtf
Standards Presentation
Standards Board
Agenda for Standards Board.doc
Standards board procedures 2006-2007.doc

BOG Session

A two to three hour session for BOG members and chapter advisors on working with undergraduate members. Led by Domain Directors or staff, this session should review the best practices for working with new officers, good communication practices and the Borradaile Challenge information every officer should know.
BC Criteria: All Operational Areas
Topics to Include:

  • Review all Borradaile Challenge reporting responsibility
  • Discuss importance of regular communication outside of BOG meetings
  • Discuss the implementation of a mentor relationships
  • Discuss implementation of Risk Management policy
  • Review how to teach Time Management skills
BOG Case Studies.doc
BOG talking points.doc

National Talking Points

A staff member or Domain Director will present on the following topics to a large group; provide at least 45 minutes. These materials will be given to you:

  • The Link Presentation
    • Full demonstration of The Link, focusing on Dashboard and Chapter Management tools including roster management.
    • Explanation of association and request to initiate procedures.
    • Showcase the Resource Library.
  • Fraternity update, specifically related to risk management and Convention

Alumni Involvement

  • A concerted effort to recruit and include Board of Governor’s members of every target chapter is a necessary part in the continued growth of the Regional Conference and the Fraternity. By targeting volunteers and ensuring they get the same, if not more, information out of the conference than undergraduate participants ensures the continuance of learning back at the chapter.
  • We suggest a session for a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, but this is not required for funding. As an extension of the Hall of Fame program, it is highly recommended that Conference organizers ask local Hall of Fame members to serve as keynote speakers and talk about their lives outside of Phi Kappa Tau.

If interested, the Executive Offices will help you identify potential speakers.

Alumni event programming

Such as a small reception, either the night preceding or following the conference is also recommended, but not required for funding. This event can be used to garner alumni interest and recognize National Officers, volunteers, 25 or 50 yr certificate attendees, or Hall of Fame members in the conference area.

  • The Executive Offices will help you in identifying potential attendees as well as potential honorees. The Executive Offices can also supply Foundation materials or talking points for the event.
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