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The concept behind recruitment teams is the same as a recruitment committee. This concept can be applied to every type of recruitment situation. However, it will probably need to be modified. For example each team can be in charge of a dorm for the entire year or each Team Captain can serve as a regional recruitment chair for summer recruitment efforts, etc.


The team breaks down as follows:

Recruitment Chairman

The Recruitment chairman is responsible for overseeing all of the teams. The Recruitment Chairman will meet with them to accomplish two things. First, the other teams will serve as members of the “Think Tank” in order to generate ideas and evaluate past recruitment practices. Second, their purpose will be to make contact with potential members, entertain, get to know, and follow up with potential members.

Team Captain

The Team captain is responsible for reporting to the Recruitment Chairman and keeping his team organized and executing the recruitment strategy. Team captains are just that, same principle as a captain on a sports team; they still get out there and do as much of the work if not more than the other members. The team captain needs to have established goals and expectations with the Recruitment chairman. Some examples are how often they communicate with the Recruitment chairman and other team members, how many guys they are responsible to introducing to Phi Tau, and how often they need to meet with these potential members.

Team Members

These are the recruiters. These members should be good recruiters and committed to recruiting men into the chapter. They will also need to have established expectations with their Team Captain such as how often they will be contacting potential members and how often they will be taking Potential members out.

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