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Forgetting a person’s name can be embarrassing and can also make them feel uncomfortable or that give them a sense that you are not interested. Here are six tips to get you started.

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  1. Pay careful attention during the introduction. Don’t worry about what you are going to say. Instead concentrate on hearing the person’s name. Repeat the name, and ask for a spelling if the name is unusual.
  2. Find ways to work the person’s name into the conversations. Address the person by name whenever you ask a question and as you say good-bye.
  3. Write the name down, once you get a chance, don’t leave the guest to do this.
  4. Limit multiple introductions. The more people’s name you will have to remember at once, the more difficult the situation.
  5. After the people you reintroduced to at a social gathering walk away, glance at them from time to time. Repeat their names silently to yourself, using the paper you wrote their names on as a cheat sheet if you need to. Keep doing this throughout the evening, adding more new people to the list as you are introduced to them. You probably won’t remember everyone, but you remember most of them by the end of the evening.
  6. After you leave, review the names you’ve written down. Try to visualize the people you met as you look at the names on the card. Do this right away, while the faces are fresh in your memory. Before long, many of the names and faces should become a part of your permanent memory.

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