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Recruiting through scholarship is an innovative way of recruiting, showing Phi Kappa Tau’s commitment to scholarship, and supporting an individual’s education. Here is how the program should work:


This is an effective way of generating names for the chapter’s recruitment efforts. This will allow you to attract quality men. The type of man that will take the time to apply for a scholarship is someone that has demonstrated excellence in academics, leadership, service, and athletics. Also, these types of men are probably (or at least a percentage) not always joiners and this is exactly who we are trying to attract.


Step 1: How are we going to pay for this?

There are several ways to generate funds for this type of recruitment strategy. The following are a couple of those ways:

  • Chapter Educational Grant Fund: This is a fund set up through the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation. Your chapter alumni and parents can donate tax-deductible gifts to this fund. The chapter can then use these funds to finance anything that is educational in nature, such as a scholarship. Your chapter’s BOG chairman would be in charge of this fund. Contact the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation at 1.800.PKT.1906 for more information.
  • Fund Raisers: The chapter can fund these scholarships through fundraisers. There are a variety of events the chapter can put together to support a scholarship. The scholarship can be in any amount and as many as the chapter wants.
  • Alumni/Parents: The chapter can do a phone-a-thon or a direct mailer to alumni and parents soliciting funds for the scholarship program.

Step 2: What kind of scholarship do we offer?

The chapter can give as many scholarships in any amount. However, remember you are trying to generate names and quality people. Therefore, if you offer a $50 scholarship don’t expect a big response. Would you take the time to fill out an application for a scholarship for $50?

The following are some ideas:

  • Free room/board in the chapter house
  • Book scholarships
  • Tuition assistance

Step 3: Okay where do I start

Get the mailing/email addresses of your target market. Depending on your university/college you may (more than likely) be able to get a list of incoming freshman and other nonaffiliated men on your campus for the Student Life office. If you cannot obtain a list from you university/college then you can mail to high school counselors. Also, parents and alumni should be able to assist in getting applications to men that will be attending your school.
In addition, campus mail may be an option. Remember you can target incoming freshman as well as transfer students, sophomores, junior and seniors.

Step 4: Draft a cover letter and application

The most appropriate people in the chapter to be responsible for this would be the chapter president, scholarship chairman, and recruitment chairman (See Sample letters). You may have to modify letters depending on the program that you adopt. Also, we challenge you to write your own letters to incorporate your own creativity.

Step 5: Once the deadline expires review your applications

You should have set criteria for evaluation and for picking who is interviewed. No, they don’t have to join to receive the scholarship. At the very least, your efforts promote a positive image of the fraternity and chapter and will likely serve as a positive influence on a different prospective member at some point. If someone doesn’t join because they were not picked they are probably not good members for the chapter.

Step 6: Set up and conduct interviews

  • You can conduct interviews at the chapter house, on campus, or at their home.
  • Have 2 people attend the interview – one to interview the prospective recipient and one to answer questions that the parents may have.
  • The interviews should run approximately 15 to 20 minutes. However, go longer if need be.
  • The interviews should be conducted by the following people: Chapter President, Recruitment Chairman, Scholarship Chairman, Alumnus (BOG Chair, Chapter Advisor, Scholarship Advisor, etc.), Faculty Advisor, Greek Advisor, a Parent.

Step 7: Award the Scholarship

You may award the scholarship by notifying the recipient through the mail, delivering the scholarship to their home, host a dinner for the recipient and parents, host a dinner for all of the finalists and parents, at a recruitment event, etc. This will depend on the budget.

You should recognize the individual with a certificate and the check. However, you may have to go through the university/college’s scholarship office.

Things to Remember:

You must work with the Student Life Office when implementing this program. This would be the Greek Advisor, Dean of Students, VP of Student Affairs, or other university/college official that works with the Greek Community.

Have set qualifications and criteria in order to be eligible. Make the criteria very clear in the cover letter and application.

Award the most qualified applicant. Do not award someone who the chapter likes or knows. You must stick to the qualifications/criteria. If this is someone that the chapter is interested in continuing to recruit then great but it cannot be the only reason.

This is probably a two-month process. Therefore, you must be organized and ready to execute. This is not a program that can be thrown together. The chapter must know where the money is coming from, get it, mail the applications, review applications, conduct interviews, and finally award the scholarship.

The most important aspect of this program regarding recruitment is to follow up with the names that you generate during this process. Regardless if these men are invited to interviews, follow up and invite to other events or activities.

Last but not least, remember you will have to modify your program depending on your respective campus’s rules and regulations, budget, and chapter goals.

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