Recruitment Is A Five Step Process

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Recruitment is not as hard as we make it out to be. It is probably one of the simpler operations of a chapter. However, we tend to make it this huge project that we know has to get done but isn’t a lot of fun. And the typical result when this is the attitude is a mediocre recruitment at best, which causes all sorts of problems. The following is a list of a simple five step process that makes sense.

Step #1: Meet Someone

You must get out there. Remember, people join fraternities because they meet someone and they build a relationship or make a connection. These men will not simply come find you. Therefore, the first step is to get out there and meet as many people as the chapter can. The goal for every chapter should be for each member to personally introduce themselves to at least 20 unaffiliated men each semester. Also, regarding fraternity recruitment, remember when you first arrived on campus and some of the uncertainties you may have felt. If you feel awkward introducing yourself to someone just remember how you felt when someone introduced themselves to you. Make them feel comfortable.

The following are ways to meet potential members:

  • Storm the Dorms – Create teams that are responsible for each dorm
  • Host a campus wide event, i.e., 3-on-3 tournament, guest speaker, hypnotist
  • Service projects
  • Sorority and faculty presentations
  • Student Center
  • Dining halls
  • Class, other student organizations
  • Alumni recommendations
  • High School counselors
  • Mentor programs
  • Gym/Recreation center
  • Sporting events or other campus sponsored events (i.e., football game, freshman welcome BBQ)

Step #2: Get to Know Them

This is the easy part. After you make the initial contact simply follow up with the contact information that you received during step 1. Then all you have to do is be yourself. This is very important. There are times we are tempted to say things that we think another guy may want to hear. Telling lies is no way to build a foundation with someone that could become your brother one day. This part is important because this is the time when you should decide if you proceed to step 3 because you think he has the potential to be a productive Phi Tau. Every time the chapter is doing something you should bring any men that you have reached this point with to the chapter event. Get to know them but let them get to know you.

  • The following are ways or opportunities to get to know people better:
  • Give them campus tours
  • Help them with scheduling issues or to simply get acquainted with university policies and procedures
  • Invite them to all chapter events and activities
  • Go out to eat
  • Play sports
  • Hang out at the house or on campus

Step #3: Introduce them to your Friends

At this point you have met a new friend and have gotten to know them. You as an individual of the brotherhood think that this man has the potential to be worthy of membership into Phi Kappa Tau. Therefore, the next natural thing to do is to introduce him to the other brothers. Remember that making this young man feel comfortable is key. This stage will also allow the potential member to get to know the other brothers in the chapter and vice versa.

  • The following are tips to remember when introducing your new friend to the rest of the chapter:
  • Introduce him to no more than one or two brothers at a time. You don’t want them to be overwhelmed, uncomfortable, or intimidated.
  • Make sure they are having a good time
  • Make a special effort to introduce them to members that you know have something in common with the individual
  • Do not say anything about them possibly associating
  • Do not leave them alone at any given time

Step #4: Introduce them to the Fraternity

At this point the chapter should have a good read on the individual. The chapter should know if they want to introduce the young man to the fraternity. You can start this conversation by simply asking your new friend if he has ever considered joining a fraternity, suggesting that he would be a good fit for the chapter, or asking why he never joined a fraternity. His response should give you some idea of where he stands. From here you can gauge what message would be the most powerful. Be sure to talk about all of the benefits of membership in Phi Kappa Tau. Even though you have gotten to know this individual do not assume that you know what he wants to hear. Since this is the first time that the two of you have had a real conversation about Phi Tau be open an honest about everything and try not to leave anything out. You should be able to gauge his interest when you begin to explain all of the benefits of membership. From there you can decide what points to focus on.

  • Here are some suggestions of ways to introduce the fraternity:
  • Bring them to an event if you have not already
  • Introduce them to an advisor or other alumnus
  • Have parents of a brother talk to the potential member’s parents
  • Use visuals like brochures, photos, Centennial Media, Heritage of Distinction” video, etc.
  • Introduce them to the Creed of Phi Kappa Tau

Step #5: Ask him to Join

Finally, both the potential member and the chapter should feel comfortable extending your new friend a bid if he is the right man for membership in Phi Kappa Tau. At this point all questions on both sides should have been addressed and you should extend him a formal bid to join Phi Kappa Tau as a pledge. Let them know again what you expect from him and what he can expect from the chapter so that everything is clear and both parties know what they are getting into financially, time, etc.

Tips on ways to extend bids

  • During formal recruitment periods your university may have a specific procedure that you must follow. Often times bids need to be picked up and processed by the Greek Affairs office. Make sure you double check.
  • Go to the potential member’s dorm room or apartment.
  • Keep it personal. You don’t want the potential member to be intimidated or pressured into signing a bid. This will only result in a poor decision.
  • Make sure the potential member knows why you are extending him a bid. Let him know that as a chapter you think he possesses the values and beliefs of our beloved fraternity and that you think the two will compliment each other.

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