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Open, Informal, and Year round recruitment are basically all the same. Also, these same principles and concepts can be applied to deferred recruitment. This type of recruitment takes place or should be taking place anytime the chapter isn’t participating in formal recruitment.

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Many times you will hear excuses for NOT participating in informal recruitment. Do these sound familiar?

Excuse Truth
“Once we extend bids during formal recruitment and start the associate program it is to late to add guys.” Unless IFC has a policy against it, chapters can give bids and gain new associates at anytime. This means you can have 2 or even 3 associate classes in a semester or even during the summer or winter months.
“After we spend money on formal recruitment we don’t have money to spend on these guys.” It doesn’t cost you or the chapter anything to invite a prospective member to a service event, chapter meeting, or intramural game.


Benefits of open/informal/year-round recruitment

  • Eliminate your competition. If you recruit year-round you will not be competing with anyone but yourself in most cases because most of the other chapter are not going to be recruiting.
  • It is free, unless you want to spend money
  • Provides an opportunity for personal contact. You are in no rush to make a decision and neither is the potential member. Both parties can make good well thought out decisions.

Planning for open/informal/year-round recruitment

As recruitment chair simply pick an event that is take place during the upcoming week and designate it as the night to bring or invite potential members. If there is not an event that week already planned then simply invite them to the next chapter meeting, a study group, lunch/dinner, etc.

Here are some ways to recruit men on your campus during the school year outside of formal recruitment.

  • Does your chapter have weekly brotherhoods where the guys get together and do something or hang out at the house (i.e. cookouts, cards, basketball, movie nights)? If you do, invite prospective members over, if you don’t start.
  • Invite prospects to participate in service projects or fundraisers
  • Invite prospects to intramural games
  • Invite prospects to chapter meetings
  • Invite prospects to alumni gatherings
  • Invite prospects to non-alcoholic social events, or a sorority sponsored event
  • Invite prospects to chapter meetings
  • Ask faculty, sororities, and alumni for recommendations
  • Invite prospects to participate in study tables


Basically everything the chapter does you can invite a potential member to participate. Actions speak louder than words. A potential member is more likely to join when he participates in the Phi Tau experience as opposed to hearing or being told about it. If a potential member hears about the service work the chapter does and then actually goes it will be a much more powerful experience for the potential member and he will be more likely to accept a bid.

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