Nuts And Bolts Of Recruitment

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A first time primber for new recruitment chairman or Recruitment Advisors looking for a conversation starter with the chapter.

Goal Setting, Recruitment Strategy, Target number of Associates

Self Evaluation (15 minutes)

It is not enough to know one’s product. To convince prospective members that the Phi Tau experience will be a beneficial one, members must know how to sell their product—Phi Tau. The best way to do that is to understand why each member joined. Have each brother write answers for the following questions (write on flip chart).

  • Why did you join a fraternity?
  • Why did you join Phi Tau?
  • Who was the most influential person in your decision?
  • What was your initial impression of the chapter?
  • What have you gained from your membership?

Strengths of the Chapter

What’s in it for me? This may not be a question that you actually hear, but it is one that goes through the mind of every prospect. So, be prepared to tell him. What are the benefits that come with membership in your chapter and Phi Tau? What aspects of your chapter appeal to non-Greek males? Ask brothers the following questions, and write the responses on the flip chart.

  • What makes Phi Tau unique?
  • What is Phi Tau’s image on campus?
  • What are the strengths of the chapter?
  • Why should a student join Phi Tau?
  • What programs does the National Fraternity or local chapter offer in terms of leadership and scholastic development?

Keep in mind that the answer to the first question is friendship and the Three Cardinal Principles and talk about them.

Know your Product; make a fact sheet.

  1. How many members in the chapter?
  2. How many associates do we want?
  3. What is our GPA; how does it compare on campus?
  4. History? (local) Date founded?
  5. Cost? All fees?
  6. What is initiation and when is it? Be honest.
  7. Intramurals (when and past statistics)
  8. Social Calendar
  9. Philanthropic events
  10. Leadership
  11. Scholarship
  12. Campus Involvement
  13. How many members live in the house?
  14. Rent?
  15. Awards/Achievements

Know your Vacancies

Who are the members leaving? Which offices, positions, sports teams, must be filled?

Know your Market

Answer the follow questions, because you know that they will be asked!

  • How can a fraternity assist members in the job search?
  • What kind of students are attracted to your university?
  • What kind of man does your chapter want for a member?
  • What are the qualities and needs of an active Phi Tau?
  • What attracts this kind of prospect?
  • Does our recruitment program attract these men?
  • If not, how can we attract them?


Form a circle or horseshoe around the room and have three people volunteer, one good recruiter (vary the age to get different responses), one prospect (older guy), one hand-off guy to be introduced (optional) and one observer (you and the rest). Hand out 3x5 cards. The recruiter should initiate the conversation, discover the background of the prospect and identify any objections he has to fraternity membership. The recruiter should put the potential member at ease by fielding his objections. The observer should offer his suggestions at the end of each session. Each member should take his turn as the recruiter with a new card for the prospect.

The Bid (optional)

This depends on the system at your school. Have three of your top recruiters act as the bid team and role-play the proper bidding procedure with a potential member in front of the group. Have the potential member offer various objections to accepting the bid before he accepts it. Let the group decide if their technique is clean or dirty and go from there.

Review Recruitment Program

Review the membership recruitment schedule, the events and recruitment assignments, applicable recruitment rules, and IFC regulations. Remember, recruitment is a year-round process. The suggestions and techniques learned in this program will assist the chapter in informal, as well as formal recruitment. End the workshop on a positive note with encouragement.

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