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Remember, nobody ever joined Phi Tau or any other fraternity because they had free food and a cool t-shirt. However, events for recruitment are a must and promoting yourselves is a must. The chapter has to create an opportunity for the chapter to get together with potential members that brothers in the chapter have been recruiting. The point is, do not get too caught up in the themes and events that you are hosting and forget to do your work on the front end. However, events need to be well planned, organized, promoted, and executed.

  • If IFC rules allow, participate in summer recruitment in nearby towns.
  • Assign a chapter alumnus to a prospective member (based on hometown, interests etc.) and have that alumnus call him.
  • Find out who your legacies are, and go to their hometown and meet them.
  • Have a consistent PR Campaign and theme.
  • Create a professional, informative website that is specifically for prospective members.
  • Find out who the “feeder schools” for the institution are and contact them about making presentations toward the end of the school year.
  • Send a letter to incoming students.
  • Send a letter to the parents of incoming students.

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