Developing A Recruiting Publication


Having some sort of publication is very important in marketing your chapter. These materials should serve two purposes. One should be to inform potential members or prospects and for retention purposes. We want students to know who we are, what we are, and what we stand for as a national fraternity. Also, we want them informed about the upcoming recruitment events. The other purpose is for the potential member to retain what we tell them and all of the information that we convey to them. The chapter should have access to these materials year round as they recruit but especially as you conduct more formal events (i.e., recruitment tables, formal rush week, open houses).

The following are just a few ways to promote the chapter and its events. All of these materials range in costs and can be done in very high quality or kept very simple and basic. The chapter needs to evaluate what is feasible financially and what is effective. Also, remember to keep all publications in good taste. Remember parents and university officials see these publications regardless if you put it in their hands or not. If you have to ask is this appropriate than it isn’t. Also, alcohol in recruitment publications is unacceptable. If they are going to join for the alcohol or if that is what attracts them then you don’t need them in your chapter.


Brochures are an effective way to highlight every aspect of the Phi Tau experience. You can highlight scholarship, athletics, service, philanthropy, social, alumni relations, and most important life-long friendship. Also, the chapter can highlight awards and achievements from the past year. If you haven’t been recognized in the past two years highlight your goals for the future. Either way it shows that the chapter is something more than simply partying. These brochures can be a simple black and white tri-fold or a full color ten-page publication.

Business Cards

Business cards are a good way to communicate during the initial contact. It should have the chapter phone number or your phone number and the address of the house. You should include any and all contact information.

Door Hangers

Door Hangers can be an effective promotional piece to use during dorm storming. Have something like “Do Not Disturb” on one side and a schedule of recruitment events on the other side. Also, many chapters have had a restaurant that delivers sponsor the door hangers by placing and ad on one side and the recruitment schedule on the other side.

Banners and Flyers

Banners/flyers can be effective as a constant reminder to those that we have already contacted. Also, it increases awareness for those that we have not contacted. However, if a potential member sees the banner and then comes into contact with a Phi Tau they may reference the banner or at least already know the name. We want Phi Kappa Tau to be a household name nationally and on your campus. However, keep in mind men do not attend an event or join a fraternity because of a banner or flyer.


Run an ad in your school newspaper. Your audience reads this publication and will assure that you are raising awareness level.


T-shirts primary benefit is to increase visibility. Shirts should be done in good taste, conservative to appeal to the masses, and easily read. The chapter should wear these shirts at the same time to be the most effective. In order to increase visibility have sorority and other women on your campus wear your recruitment t-shirts.


Campus radio station ads are another way to promote an event and increase awareness.


Campus cable can be used to display a chapter video or the national “Heritage of Distinction” video.

Direct Letters

Letters are an effective way to inform incoming freshman and transfer students about upcoming events. In addition, letters are an effective means of communication with parents, especially coming from an active’s parent, faculty advisor, or chapter advisor/BOG.


A chapter website is another way to keep potential members informed and aware of events.

Alumni Newsletter

Alumni newsletters can be used to keep alumni informed about recruitment efforts so that they know when to send recommendations.


There are many other ways to promote the chapter. Do not limit your publications and promotional materials to the above list. Also, for information regarding resources available from the national fraternity call 1.800.PKT.1906.

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