Current Trends In Fraternity Life

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A scope of the current college student and the state of fraternity.

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The following section includes information and trends regarding the current college student. This information will provide you with the necessary background information to properly recruit and to implement programs in the chapter to support these men. The reason this information is provided is because you need to know whom you are recruiting.

Characteristics of Incoming Students

  • High stress levels and psychopathology
  • Working more and longer hours; taking longer to graduate (75% of students work 36 hours or more/week)
  • Less well prepared academically
  • 80% of college-bound seniors have cheated on an exam or project
  • Increased academic disengagement
  • Changing civic and social attitudes
  • Advanced technology proficiencies
  • Sheltered from the “real world”
  • Confident in their abilities
  • Team-oriented
  • High need for achievement
  • Increased pressure in all areas of their life
  • Prefer structured rules and clarity of expectations
  • Dramatically different demographics (by 2015 there will be 2.5 million incoming freshman – 77% of which will be students of color, 80% will be women and 20% will come from poverty level homes)
  • Increased parental involvement in the students life

Concerns Independents have about Greek affiliation

  • It costs too much (the cost of the fraternity outweighs its perceived value)
  • Being Greek will harm my academic record and hurt my grades
  • Chapters are not academically oriented
  • Don’t want to be hazed and have to participate in meaningless, “silly” activities
  • It is too exclusive and not at all inclusive
  • Alcohol and substance abuse
  • Living facilities are less desirable than living on-campus (not as nice or well kept)
  • There is nothing that Greeks offer that I can not get elsewhere

Taken from Recruiting Today’s College Student Presentation Dr. Charles Shroeder Fraternity Executives Association Meeting July, 2002 Marco Island, Florida

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