8 Ball Plan For Recruitment


To those who do execute a good summer recruitment plan – you get the golden ring and your efforts will be rewarded. But for those of you who have dug yourselves into a hole, here are a few tips (based on the “assumption” that you’re going to work your butts off to get it done).

Working Points

  • Get on the phone and contact all the brothers and get them back to campus before school starts. A week before the first day of class is best because you have a lot to do. The president and all the officers need to set the pace, not just the recruitment chairman. Set a time and place to have a good recruitment planning session to go over your “8-ball” plan. Give yourself plenty of time and bring in lunch or dinner if you have to at the house or dorm.
  • Determine where you will find prospective members and how you can contact them. Are there freshmen dorms? Can you get a list from somewhere? Where do they hang out? Is the university sponsoring a “Welcome to Your University” event for the freshmen?
  • Phi Tau can sponsor a “Welcome to XX University” cookout or event. Most of these guys are moving in and bored to death. And for the most part they only know a few other guys. Go find them. Invite them over to play soccer, volleyball, darts – whatever just make friends with them and don’t push “fraternity’’ too soon.
  • Once you determine how you’re going find them, what are you going to do to get them to meet you? You don’t have to go to the expense of planning a big event. But come up with a couple of neat ideas that’s going to get them there. Print up something to give them like a flyer or small invitation.
  • If your university will allow it, set up a booth some where on campus that most of the students walk through. Usually the day before class or the first day of class is the best. You need to be visible on campus somehow. Also you can put up flyers on each buildings bulletin board.
  • Set up an aggressive but realistic schedule of planned “get-togethers” with not all of them at the house. One night could be a cookout, the next night a poker or dart tournament or casino, the next night meet at the house for hamburgers and then take the prospective members bowling, or a lake trip if one is nearby. Do whatever guys like to do on your campus, but try to do at least one really cool event that will set you apart from what every other fraternity does.
  • What about budget? I would encourage you to utilize as much as you can of your social budget for recruitment early in the school year if you don’t have or cannot afford a separate recruitment budget for these events. Invest in recruitment – it will pay off!
  • Make assignments and lines of accountability. Who is going to do what and when? Each brother has a role to play, whether it is going to get food and decorating for the event, filling out bid cards, addressing invitations or picking up prospective members. This is usually where success or failure begins. You must hold each other accountable, and when a brother doesn’t do his job that he was assigned, you need to call him out – don’t let it slide.
  • Make it fun! Show some enthusiasm, and others will too! And prospective members will notice it too! After all, recruitment is the life blood of Phi Tau, and making new friends should be rewarding! Get to know the person, the guy you are talking to. As hard as it is try to forget about “recruiting” and just make a friend.
  • Divide the brothers up into 4 “recruitment‘’ teams. Divide your list of where the prospective members live or hang out into 4 geographic areas. On each afternoon, a recruitment team will visit a certain area.

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