Past National Presidents

1906-1907 Taylor A. Borradaile, Miami
1907-1908 Harvey C. Brill, Miami
1908-1909 William G. Stover, Miami
1909-1910 Alexander R. Paxton, Miami
1910-1911 Edward E. Duncan
1911 Ernest N. Littleton, Miami
1911-1912 H. A. Pidgeon, Ohio
1912-1913 C. R. Ridenour, Ohio
1912-1914 William H. Shideler, Miami
1914-1915 Robert C. Webber, Ohio
1915 Eckley G. Gossett, Ohio State
1915-1916 S. Frank Cox, Centre College
1916-1917 Ewing T. Boles, Centre College
1917-1919 Frederick R. Fletemeyer, Illinois
1919-1920 Henry E. Hoagland, Illinois
1920-1923 Edgar Ewing Brandon, Miami
1923-1925 John V. Cotton, Centre College
1925-1928 Harry A. Taylor, Nebraska Wesleyan
1928-1930 Isaac Miles Wright, Muhlenberg
1930-1934 W. Massey Foley, Miami
1934-1959 Roland Maxwell, Southern California
1959-1962 Harold E. "Hap" Angelo, Mississippi State
1962-1964 William A. Hammond, Miami
1964-1966 Lou Gerding, Colorado
1966-1968 Warren Parker, Nebraska Wesleyan
1968-1970 Melvin Dettra, Jr., Ohio State
1970-1972 Thomas L. Stennis, II., Mississippi State
1972-1975 Ray A. Clarke, Bowling Green
1975-1977 Edward A. Marye, Jr., Kentucky
1977-1979 F. L. "Mac" McKinley, Oklahoma State
1979-1981 Thomas C. Cunninham, Nebraska Wesleyan
1981-1983 John M. Green, Nebraska Wesleyan
1983-1985 Raymond A. Bichimer, Ohio State
1985-1987 Harold H. Short, Colorado State
1987-1989 John F. Cosgrove, Florida
1989-1993 Walter G. Strange, Jr., Auburn
1993-1995 Dr. Rodney E. Wilmoth, Nebraska-Wesleyan
1995-1997 Stephen Brothers, UC-Berkley
1997-1999 Gregory D. Hollen, Maryland
1999-2002 Todd E. Napier, Evansville
2002-2004 Joseph J. "Jay" McCann, Jr., Spring Hill
2004-2006 C. William "Bill" Crane, Georgia
2006-2008 Charles T. Ball, Miami
2008-2010 William C. Macak, Florida State
2010-2012 Gregory Heilmeier, Bethany

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