Vice President Of Alumni Relations

Introduction to the Office

Your chapter’s alumni programming, in layman’s terms, is simply the overall alumni events and correspondence of the chapter. Consider the current status in this area. What is being done? What improvements should or could be made? What preparations have been made to carry out the plan? With a strong, year-round alumni program, the chapter can build healthy relationships that benefit both undergraduate and alumni brothers.

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

In addition to your job description outlined in your local By-laws, the following are expectations of a Vice President for Alumni Relations:

  • Developing and maintaining an effective alumni relations program
  • Attending all Alumni and/or Brotherhood events and programs
  • Ensuring that consistent alumni communication is occurring
  • Maintaining biographical and address files on alumni and submitting all updates to the Executive Offices
  • Soliciting new contact lists from the Executive Offices before each mailing
  • Acknowledging all gifts and correspondence from alumni
  • Teaching associate members and active brothers about the importance of alumni relations
  • Meeting regularly with your advisor
  • Serve as a positive role model for alumni and undergraduates by living the Creed and Ritual

Goals of an Alumni Relations Program

  • To promote Phi Kappa Tau as a “commitment for life”
  • To serve as a connection between the chapter’s past, present, and future
  • To perpetuate the brotherhood of Phi Kappa Tau by providing an outlet for alumni interaction
  • To maintain up-to-date contact information on all chapter alumni and other alumni who live in the area
  • To introduce the alumni to the undergraduate members of the chapter
  • Introduce alumni to the value of service and the Hole in the Wall Camps
  • Provide undergraduates an opportunity for alumni guidance, employment and career advice, academic assistance, recruitment recommendations, and financial support.


As you carry out your responsibilities, we encourage you to go above and beyond the call of duty and the minimum expectations of your office. Your challenge is to leave your position, and ultimately your chapter, in better shape than when you found it. It won’t happen overnight! In fact, it may not start coming together until after you’ve graduated. But please remember that a chapter that doesn’t utilize all of its resources is restricting its potential for growth. The alumni of the Fraternity constitute a body of men whose involvement can aid a chapter in its programming and growth. Each chapter can provide alumni support through well-planned activities such as Homecoming events, Founders Day banquets, the publication of newsletters, answering mail, responding to recruitment recommendations, and showing appreciation for alumni through recognition programs. The following are some other useful techniques:

  • Develop an annual calendar or timeline
  • Establish long and short-term goals
  • Coordinate with the MOO to begin a mentor program with alumni and associate or chapter members
  • Keep a folder of correspondence that needs a reply on your desk
  • Coordinate alumni gatherings and recruitment functions together
  • Try to learn the names of as many alumni as possible
  • Invite alumni to initiation ceremonies
  • Meet your university/college director of alumni relations
  • Proof read, proof read, proof read (impress them with the education you’re receiving)
  • Thank both publicly and privately
  • Transmit the fraternity (don’t send out the same old newsletter)


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