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Working with your Advisor

Introduction to the Office

It is imperative that the vice president has great working knowledge of the internal workings of the chapter, and understands the roles and expectations of each Executive Officer. He need also be very familiar with the Borradaile Challenge and the Required Reports section at It is imperative that the vice president has great working knowledge of the internal workings of the chapter, and understands the roles and expectations of each Executive Officer. He need also be very familiar with the Borradaile Challenge and the Required Reports section at

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

  • Chairs the weekly Executive Council meeting
  • Chairs the Standards Committee
  • Oversees all Committee Chairman
  • Organizes an Officer Transition
  • Organize and Motivate the Chapter Members
  • Makes sure all Required Reports are turned in ON TIME.
  • Assume the role of president or other officer if necessary.
  • Run meetings or act as the president in his stead or where appropriate.

Characteristics of an exceptional chapter vice president

It is an honor to be elected vice president of a chapter of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, but the position is not an honorary one. The chapter vice president must not only possess superior organizational, communication and managerial skills, he must assume great responsibility and provide consistent, inspired and enthusiastic leadership for chapter members. Most importantly, the vice president must possess the ability to lead by example in an attempt to gain the respect and confidence of his brothers. Self-discipline as vice president will enable you to hold others accountable for their actions. After all, if you as a leader do not pay your bills, come prepared to a meeting, and act responsibly in a social atmosphere, why should your members?

Other traits of an exceptional leader are:

Proactive vs. Reactive
A proactive leader is always thinking three steps ahead, working to master his own environment with the goal of avoiding problems before they arise.
How do you handle yourself in unexpected or uncomfortable situations? An effective leader will adapt to new surroundings and situations, doing his best to adjust.
A good communicator
As a leader, you must listen…a lot! You must be willing to work to understand the needs and desires of your membership. A good leader asks many questions, considers all options and leads the chapter in the right direction.
An officer should show respect to those who elected him. Showing others respect will ultimately bring him respect.
Be proud of Phi Kappa Tau and let your pride emanate to others within and outside the chapter.
Excitement is contagious. When a leader is motivated and excited about the chapter and Phi Kappa Tau, the chapter will follow his lead.
Work to consider all options when making decisions. A strong leader will evaluate the input from all interested parties and work for the betterment of the whole.
As a chapter leader you must utilize the resources available to you and the chapter. The National Fraternity, your local alumni, the Interfraternity Conference, your parents, the Greek advisor, the campus community and the community at large are resources t your disposal.
An exceptional leader will recognize the efforts of officers and members and positively reinforce those actions. We all enjoy being recognized for our actions!
Knowledge is power. Work to be the vice president who is well-educated on General Fraternity, campus and community policies and procedures. Further, your knowledge of issues and information within the chapter will only increase your success in leading the chapter.
Open to Change
A leader will take into account all points of view and will be willing to change a policy, program or chapter tradition that is out-dated or no longer beneficial to the chapter.
Interested in Feedback
How do your members feel about your vice presidency? How can you serve the members of the chapter better? These are important questions that a leader needs to constantly ask the chapter.
Evaluation of chapter events and programs is essential for a chapter to improve and progress. An exceptional vice president will constantly evaluate and change programs and policies that are not working.
Are you prepared for meetings and chapter events and confident that your officers are prepared and organized as well?
As vice president, you need the confidence and respect of the chapter members. Confidence and respect cannot be earned without your leadership being consistent. Members must have confidence that their opinions and thoughts will be heard and taken into consideration.
An exceptional leader realizes that he cannot accomplish everything on his own. He will know the talents and interests of his members and delegate tasks accordingly.
The vice president should work to be the motivator, the initiator of chapter operations. He must be a key element in the planning and implementing of chapter programs, policies and events.


Required Reports


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Risk Management

Crisis Management

Chapter Standards

Standards Overview GFGF rev. 1 20 Nov 2007 15:12
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Chapter Operations

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National Participation

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