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Introduction to the Office

Every area of chapter operations functions most effectively when a committee is on the job. A strong chairman and an informed, dedicated and motivated committee/chapter can move mountains. This is especially true in the area of Social Chair.

It could be argued that the Social Chair committee consists of the entire chapter, as every member of the chapter will want a say in the decisions and events involved. Resist this temptation and keep a committee to a manageable size. If people still want to be involved thank them and task out specific jobs to them instead of allowing them to be part of the decision making process. Risk Management is also a strong component of the Social Chairman’s job. After all, a single decision by a single member can set off a chain of events that could lead to a major risk management crisis.

The primary responsibilities of the Risk Management Chairman and Committee are to oversee and monitor risk management programming to assure that measures are in place to prevent accidents and injuries in all chapter activities.

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

The expectations of a social chair are to plan appropriate social events, properly schedule events on time, to manage risk, and finally be creative. The social chair and committee are also responsible for:

  • Reporting all calendared social events to alumni and College/University
  • Work with the Risk Management Chairman while organizing all social events
  • To make sure all social events with alcohol are in compliance with the risk management policies of Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity, the university, and state and local guidelines.
  • Always organize a guest list for all social functions
  • Make sure there are sober chapter members to monitor each social event.
  • Report all violations to President, Chapter Advisor, and BOG
  • Maintain appropriate themes for all social events
  • Maintain a strong understanding of crisis management procedures, which should be communicated to all chapter members.
  • Plan safe and successful social events
  • Ensure Risk Management Policies are being followed.



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Risk Management

Crisis Management

Social Events

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