Philanthropy Chairman

Introduction to the Office

The Philanthropy Chairman is responsible for creating an environment within the chapter that fosters a commitment to benefiting others. He is responsible for promoting, planning and executing events and projects related to raising money for charity.

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

  • Serve as a positive chapter role model by actively participating in all philanthropy events.
  • Create an atmosphere that expects and encourages active participation by all Brothers and associate members in philanthropy, even beyond chapter events or projects.
  • Develop and maintain a regular schedule of philanthropy events.
  • Utilize a Philanthropy Committee to plan and coordinate activities.
  • Educate all members about the Hole in the Wall Camps (HITW).
  • Ensure the chapter conducts at least one event to benefit Phi Kappa Tau’s National Philanthropy, the Hole in the Wall Camps.
  • Praise outstanding individual achievements by members through an award or recognition program.
  • Keep track of dollars raised. Report this as required to the Executive Offices, University Greek Life Office, and to other interested parties.
  • Promptly acknowledge all donations with a written thank you note/letter. Provide appropriate gift recognition for all donors.
  • Send in the chapter donation to the Hole in the Wall Gang Camps to the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation (or if doing another philanthropy to the appropriate entity) within three weeks of the event’s completion and by June 30 of each year.
  • Distribute press releases following the successful completion of a philanthropy event to demonstrate Phi Kappa Tau’s commitment to the greater community.
  • Evaluate events to ensure continuous quality improvement.
  • Communicate regularly with an advisor.

Above and Beyond

In addition to personal and chapter goals, the Philanthropy Chairman should strive to:

  • Help Brothers and associate members the value of serving others and understand the line of the Creed of Phi Kappa Tau that states, “I shall try always to discharge the obligation to others which arises from the fact that I am a fraternity man.”
  • To perpetuate the bond of Brotherhood by providing outlets for men to volunteer together and work as a team.
  • Conduct one fundraiser to benefit the Hole in the Wall Camps.
  • Conduct and encourage chapter participation in fundraisers or benefits for causes.
  • Serve as a campus role model for dedicating time, money and resources to benefit others.
  • Communicate and disseminate information about the chapters Philanthropy successes.
  • Strive for campus awards and recognition.
  • Strive for Phi Kappa Tau National Awards and recognition:
Paul Newman Award
Presented annually to the chapter that raises the highest dollar amount to benefit the Hole in the Wall Camps. Named in honor of Hole in the Wall Camps Founder, Paul Newman, Ohio ’43.

Working with your Advisor


phi-lan-thro-py pl. phi-lan-thro-pies
n: The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind, as by charitable aid or donations.

Phi Kappa Tau continues to be a leader in fraternity philanthropic efforts across the country. Chapters raise thousands of dollars each year to benefit a variety of charitable organizations.

When Phi Tau speaks of philanthropy we are speaking specifically of the collection or raising of funds and goods to be donated to a charitable entity.

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