Community Service Chairman

Introduction to the Office

The Community Service Chairman is responsible for creating an environment within the chapter that fosters a commitment to benefiting others. He is responsible for promoting, planning and executing events and projects related to serving the community.
Working with your Advisor

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

In addition to your description outlined in your chapter’s Bylaws, the following are expectations of the Community Service Chairman:

  • Serve as a positive chapter role model by actively participating in all service projects.
  • Create an atmosphere that expects and encourages active participation by all Brothers and associate members in community service activities, even beyond chapter events or projects.
  • Develop and maintain a regular schedule of service projects.
  • Utilize a Service Committee to plan and coordinate activities.
  • Educate all members about the Hole in the Wall Camps (HITW) and about opportunities to work or volunteer at the camps.
  • Praise outstanding individual achievements by members through an award or recognition program.
  • Keep track of all volunteer hours served. Report this as required to the Executive Offices, University Greek Life Office, and to other interested parties.
  • Maintain a current contact list for all service agencies for future chapter or individual service opportunities.
  • Work with the University office that coordinates service learning programs (if applicable).
  • Distribute press releases following the successful completion of a service event to demonstrate Phi Kappa Tau’s commitment to the greater community.
  • Evaluate events to ensure continuous quality improvement.
  • Communicate regularly with an advisor.

Above and Beyond

As you carry out your responsibilities, you are encouraged to go above and beyond the call of duty and the minimum expectations of your position. Your challenge is to leave your position, and ultimately your chapter, in better shape than when you found it. It won’t happen overnight. In fact, it may not start coming together until after you’ve graduated. But please remember that a chapter that doesn’t utilize all of its resources is restricting its potential for growth. Being active in the community, whether it is through volunteer hours or charitable assistance, helps members grow and mature. Nothing builds character better than serving your fellow man. The following are some useful suggestions for making the most of the Community Service Chairman position:

  • Develop an annual calendar or timeline.
  • Plan in advance.
  • Set long and short-term goals.
  • Utilize a committee—don’t try to be a one-man show.
  • Utilize the University volunteer/service learning office. They may have programs already established that need assistance.
  • Take a camera to all events. Photos from service events are great to use on the website, in videos or slideshows, for newsletters, etc.
  • Spread the good news! Send press releases and photographs to the University president, Dean’s Office, campus newspaper, local newspaper, Greek Life Director, IFC Office, Phi Kappa Tau Executive Offices, etc. Include updates in your own alumni newsletter and chapter website.
  • Keep a notebook of all that was done and include suggestions for improvement so the next Chairman does not have to completely start over. This helps the program continually evolve and improve year after year.
  • Invite alumni, potential members or other campus organizations to participate in your community service activities. This generates more volunteers and helps provide the chapter with good publicity.
  • Install a community service bulletin board to post important information, dates, or new opportunities. Give a report at every chapter meeting of upcoming activities.
  • Be creative in offering incentives and recognition awards. All people like being thanked. Do your best to make Brothers feel special for their hard work.


Community service
n: Services volunteered by individuals or an organization to benefit a community or its institutions.

Community service is unselfishness embodied in action. It is the act of giving ones time so that the greater community may benefit. It is our responsibility, as Brothers of Phi Kappa Tau, to assist others and should be a priority in our lives and chapter schedules as we strive to uphold the values set forth by the Creed of Phi Kappa Tau.

When Phi Tau speaks of community service we are speaking specifically of the giving of ones time and talents to aid directly the community and people in the community.

Philanthropy and community service are key elements in a chapter’s success. The very best chapters are the ones focused on serving others. It is important to develop events and opportunities for Phi Kappa Tau Brothers to give of themselves and in the process, make the community a better place as a result of our efforts.

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