Training Your Replacement


The transition between each outgoing and incoming officer is of special importance due to the complexity of the job. Thus, it is important that the new officer completely understands his role and responsibilities. It is strongly recommended that any nominees for a position meet with the officer before running for office and that the outgoing officer work with the newly elected officer for his first few weeks on the job & be available for consultation thereafter. The following is a checklist of some of the points and areas that should be covered in the transition period; check them off as they are accomplished:

The training for a new officer will be as varied as his job responsibilities are. There are four main areas for training: transition training & explanations, introductions, administrative paperwork and other “if applicable areas.”

Transition Training and Procedure

  • The transition training and procedural explanations are best done in a one on one meeting or as part of an Executive Council transition retreat. Here are the areas to be covered:
  • Review the job responsibilities, explain the different areas such as planning, implementation and administrative/reporting, and go over the roles & responsibilities for the various meetings (EC, RC, Finance Committee & BOG) in which the officer will take part.
  • Explain to him your system, and give him any and all hard copy or digital files, explaining how to make entries and how to update them.
  • Explain in detail the reporting procedures and processes involved with the University.
  • Explain the National Fraternity obligations.


You have also had to meet various people with in the course of your term in office. Here are some people with whom your predecessor should help you get in contact with and attend the meetings if possible:

  • University Staff Contacts
  • BOG Advisor
  • Housing Corporation Officers
  • Community Officers
  • Provide him with a list of contacts, vendors and suppliers, their names, addresses and phone numbers.


The administrative/paperwork item which need to be taken care of are as follows:

  • Go over all Borradaile Reporting Requirements for the office
  • Go over all University requirements and reporting
  • Go over all relationships with other undergraduates officers
  • Pass on all records.

Incoming Officers

If, as the incoming officer, you feel uncomfortable with any of the above areas, please contact your predecessor, your corresponding BOG Advisor, Greek Advisor or the Executive Offices. When it comes to the chapter’s operations, err on the side of caution; the only dumb question is the one not asked.

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