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A contract to be read over and completed during the first week fo association

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Associate Member Bill of Rights

As a potential member of Phi Kappa Tau you have the option to participate in a number of activities known collectively as membership orientation. The membership orientation program of each chapter should reflect three goals:

  1. to learn more about yourself;
  2. to learn more about others;
  3. to learn the history and the goals of Phi Kappa Tau.

Many students who join a fraternity have excellent experiences. If you continue the opportunity to join Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and choose to do so, you do not relinquish your rights as an individual. As an associate member, you have the right:

  1. to make your own decisions - to be yourself;
  2. to place academic pursuits before any other activities;
  3. to be treated with respect and to treat others with respect;
  4. not to participate in any activity that involves harassment or has the potential for danger;
  5. not to be subjected to any form of hazing which includes interference with the personal liberty of others and includes any act of domination by some students over others which may lead to injury, emotional disturbance, physical discomfort or humiliation. This includes the forced consumption of alcohol.

The goal of any associate member education program is learning. If you are asked to participate in any associate function, you should evaluate the educational value of the activity. As an individual you have the right to reject participation in activities that encourage or require you to: 1) consume alcohol or other drugs; 2) steal, take, or remove property from the college or others; or 3) participate in activities that transgress moral or ethical behavior.

As a potential associate member, I understand that the Membership Orientation Program of the Fraternity does not supersede my rights as an individual and does not free me from my obligation to behave in a mature and responsible manner as a member of the community.

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Taken from the SUNY-Plattsburg Greek Community

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