Nic Model Membership Orientation Program

Short Description

North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC)
Sample Membership Orientation Program

Target Audience

Membership Orientation Officer
Recruitment Retention Advisor

Borradaile Challenge or Area of Focus

Membership Orientation


Week One Local and National History

  • Educate the associate members on the local chapter and national history
  • Introduce the AM class elections and Big Brother program

Week Two Education

  • Hold a program on time management/study skills/university resources
  • Have the Scholarship chair review scholarship plan and assign mentors
  • Have a study session for both active and new members
  • Hold AM class elections
  • Introduce Big Brothers

Week Three Brotherhood Building

  • Hold an all-chapter teambuilding retreat
  • Hold a sporting event that consists of teams of made up of both actives and associate members
  • Invite Alumni back to share their perspective on brotherhood

Week Four Awareness

  • Hold seminars on risk management (hazing, alcohol, social events, sexual assault, drugs)
  • Help associate members understand all university and national policies

Week Five Service

  • Have associate members organize a community service event
  • Provide an educational program on the Hole in the Wall

Week Six Values – Based Leadership

  • Have chapter officers share their perspective on their position and leadership
  • Facilitate a conversation with the chapter about the meaning of Creed and the values of Phi Kappa Tau
  • Participate in a gavel pass and have brothers share what Phi Tau has meant to them

Initiation Week

  • Pre-Initiation Discussion
  • Initiation
  • Post Initiation Discussion

Taken from Breaking Down Hazing and Building Up Brotherhood
A North-American Interfraternity Conference Resource
© 1999

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