Membership Orientation Review Process Check List

Short Description

This is the exact checklist used by the Executive Offices when reviewing the content of a MO program.

Target Audience

President, Vice President, Membership Orientation Officer, Chapter Advisor, Recruitment/ Retention Officer

Borradaile Challenge or Area of Focus

Membership Orientation program


As stated in the short description this is the checklist used to measure the content in your chapters Membership Orientation Program. Your chapters program need to be submitted every 5 years of the after the original approval. You should also submit a copy of your program anytime your chapter has voted to change it from its original format. You should submit to the executive offices in a editing format preferably Microsoft Word. When sending your MO program please send it to the Department of Chapter Services via gro.uatappakihp|scd#gro.uatappakihp|scd


History of Phi Kappa Tau

Subject Yes No Comments
The Creed
Name Change
National Traditions


Subject Yes No Comments
Discussion of Values

History of Local Chapter

Subject Yes No Comments
Local Traditions

Notable Alumni

Subject Yes No Comments
Roland Maxwell
Edgar Brandon
Ewing T Boles
Paul Newman

PKT Foundation

Subject Yes No Comments
HITW Stipends
Brothers Trust
Chapter Educational Grant’s

National Structure

Subject Yes No Comments
National Council
Executive Offices
Domain Directors
House Corp (if app.)
PKT Chapters

Local Structure

Subject Yes No Comments
Resident Council
Chapter Committees
Alumni Support

PKT Policies & Expectations

Subject Yes No Comments
Risk Management
Chapter Standards
Standards Board
Local Constitution
Local By Laws

National Awards & Programs

Subject Yes No Comments
Chapter Awards
Individual Awards
Alumni Awards
Leadership Academy
BMC Weekends
Regional Programs

HITW Camps

Subject Yes No Comments
Affiliation with
Newman’s involvement
Raising $ (local phil)

General Greek Information

Subject Yes No Comments
Greek Advisor
Purpose of IFC
Officers in IFC
Greek Wide programs
Campus policies
Campus awards

MO Program Format


Yes No Comments
3-5 Overall Goals
1-3 Learning Outcomes for Weekly Meetings and Events
Substance Free Expectation
Position Statement against Hazing
Accountability Plan
MOO Job Description
8 Week Program
Initiation Date communicated
Post Ritual Explanation

Big Brother/ Mentor Program

Yes No Comments
Purpose of program
Process for selection
Process for matching BB and AM
Expectations of BB’s

National Exam

Yes No Comments
Requested from EO
Scheduled within 8 weeks
Admin by DD, BOG or approved alumni

Meeting Agenda

Yes No Comments
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8

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