Membership Orientation Best Practices

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A short best practices list for membership orientation in a chapter.

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Membership Orientation Officer
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Membership Orientation


Chapters are encouraged to above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to Membership Orientation and the minimum expectations of their role. The challenge is for each years Resident Council to leave the chapter better place than how they found it. Some ways to promote this through the MOO program are:

Best Practices

  • Have a program that emphasizes the Fraternity's Mission and values and the declared future we have for our chapter.
  • Have objectives that are clearly stated and utilize measurable results and activities to accomplish each.
  • Have a statement against hazing, alcohol abuse, and other inappropriate behavior is adopted by the chapter during a chapter meeting before each AM program begins.
  • Ensure there is a week by week schedule of assignments, speakers, & activities and the standards for initiation, including the date and time of initiation are given to each AM in writing and explained at an AM meeting.
  • Implement an effective Big Brother program. (This program is critical. Big Brothers are not drinking buddies; they are mentors and major contributors to the successful development of your new members.)
  • Have a MOO Committee is in place.
  • Have associates sign a new member bill of rights.
  • Bring the AM’s to the Executive Offices for a tour.
  • Involve AM’s in a Chapter retreat.
  • Meet with each AM one on one at least once.
  • Recruit an alumni team to assist the chapter in facilitating the program.
  • Call each of the AM’s parents, introduce yourself and tell them about the chapter.
  • Host an educational program for all new Greeks.
  • Involve the AM’s in hands-on community service.
  • Empower the actives to attend AM meetings to teach them local history.
  • Have the AM’s choose an active as the model brother and hand out the award at your awards program.
  • Designate a Outstanding New Member from another chapter award and give it out at the IFC Awards.

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