Building Men Of Character Overview

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General overview of BMC MO program full program available for download on The Link http:\\

Target Audience

Membership Orientation Officers
Recruitment Retention Advisors

Borradaile Challenge or Area of Focus

Membership Orientation

Sample Membership Orientation Program - Overview

Orientation Meeting 45 minutes


  • Introduce members of the AM class to each other
  • Distribute BMC workbooks
  • Describe the purpose of BMC
  • Explain and communicate expectations
  • Set an AM weekly meeting time
  • Fill out AM forms and collect money

Week 1 Meeting 2 Hours

“Phi Kappa Tau, by admitting me to membership, has conferred upon me and mark of distinction in which I take just pride”

  • To review the history of Phi Kappa Tau
  • Learn about the current state of Phi Kappa Tau
  • Gain awareness of the vision of Phi Kappa Tau
  • Explore behavioral expectations of being a fraternity man
  • Participate in self-disclosure
  • Plan a Brotherhood event

Week 2 Meeting 1 ½ Hours

“I believe in the spirit of brotherhood for which it stands.”

  • Learn about the 4 Founding Fathers of Phi Kappa Tau
  • Understand why Phi Kappa Tau was founded
  • Reflect on the effect that brotherhood has had on the lives of members and non-members
  • Explore the development of a personal credo
  • Connect personally with an alumni of the chapter
  • Introduce the concept of teamwork

Week 3 Meeting 1 ½ Hours

“I shall strive to attain its ideals and by so doing bring to it honor and credit.”

  • Learn about distinguished Phi Tau’s
  • Examine the concept of integrity
  • Explore character
  • Meet the Big Brothers and learn about the impact that the fraternity has had on its members

Week 4 Meeting 45 minutes

“I shall be loyal to my college and my chapter and shall keep strong my ties to them that I may ever retain the spirit of youth.”

  • Learn about the policies of the national fraternity
  • Identify who can help them and their chapter be successful
  • Meet the Greek Advisor
  • Learn about the campus and national Greek perspective

Week 5 Meeting 1 hour

“I shall be a good a loyal citizen.”

  • Participate in a recruitment workshop
  • Explore who has made a difference in their life
  • Learn about the etiquette of being a brother of Phi Kappa Tau
  • Explore the concept of “life-long membership”

Week 5 Community Service Project 4 hours

“I shall be a good a loyal citizen.”

  • Participate in a community service project
  • Reflect on their experience
  • Learn about the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp

Week 6 1 hour

“I shall try always to discharge the obligation to others which arises from the fact that I am a fraternity man.”

  • Explore their personal leadership style
  • Commit to putting their values into action
  • Provide closure to their AM experience

National Exam/Ritual Preparation 2 hours


  • Complete the National Exam
  • Complete the BMC Evaluation
  • Participate in a pre-ritual preparation workshop

NOTE: The full BMC MO Program (Facilitator Guide and Workbook) is available on-line for download.

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