Assessing Your Membership Orientation Program

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To assess your chapter's Associate Member program please complete the following checklist. Each element describe below is important in the development of well rounded members:

Target Audience

Membership Orientation Officers
Recruitment Retention Advisors

Borradaile Challenge or Area of Focus

Membership Orientation

Membership Orientation Program Assessment

  • Our program emphasizes the Fraternity's Mission and Values and the declared future we have for our chapter.
  • Our course objectives are clearly stated and utilize measurable results and activities to accomplish each.

Our program includes:

  • Our written AM program.
  • A statement against hazing, alcohol abuse, and other inappropriate behavior is adopted by the chapter which is in alignment with the Basic Expectations of a fraternity man and the objectives of Phi Kappa Tau.
  • A week by week schedule of assignments, speakers, & activities.
  • All member obligations are clearly stated.
  • The standards for initiation.
  • The history and traditions of our chapter, institution and the Fraternity.
  • The date of initiation.

Our Program structure follows these guidelines:

  • Each AM receives a copy of our written program.
  • Our program involves alumni (as presenters and role models to promote involvement after graduation)
  • The AM Education committee is organized with each committee member having clear, specific written responsibilities.
  • Our AM program teaches Phi Tau Songs.
  • We have an effective Big Brother program.
  • Our program has obtained chapter approval, and the members support the Membership Orientation Officer.

Count your checks and see how your program rates:
15 - 16 = Excellent! When it comes to Membership Orientation you know what you are doing. You are on your way to excellence!

13 - 14 = Good! With just a little more effort you could have an outstanding MO program. You are on the right track in developing Phi Tau’s committed to excellence. Keep up the good work.

10 - 12 = Fair! You have many of the elements for a successful program. Take action now to put your program in the excellent range. Identify where you want your program to be by the end of this term and concentrate on the missing elements.

8 - 9 = Poor! You have identified the missing elements in your new member education that are holding back the chapter. Many of the problems your membership faces can probably be traced back to your Membership Orientation Program.

Below 8 = Trouble! Too much of your program is probably by word of mouth and little is in written form. Rather than developing Phi Tau’s, much of what they learn about being a member happens after initiation.

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