Borradaile Standard

Maxwell: 110% or more of campus average chapter size.
Order of the Star: 100% or more of campus average.
**Basic:* 30 men or 90% of campus average.

Membership data is recorded when associate registration and official requests for initiation are received at the Executive Offices (EO).


Within five (5) days after a man has formally joined (i.e. taken the oath of associate membership); the members should be reported through The Dashboard. The payment is mailed to the Executive Offices: $65.00 per man associated.


"A Resident Council shall request and receive Permission from the Chief Executive Officer before initiating a man." (Title II, Section 15) Once each associate member has completed all requirements and is eligible for initiation, the chapter should complete the request for permission to initiate form, collect initiation fees, and send the request form with the check to the Executive Offices to receive permission to initiate at least two weeks prior to the date scheduled. Once this form and the fees have been received and processed, permission is then granted to the chapter.

Fine for Improper Reporting

"If a Resident Council initiates a man (or men) without having received permission from the Executive Director, a penalty of one hundred dollars ($100) shall be imposed upon said Resident Council." (Title II, Section 15). Failure to comply with the above stated policies will result in a fine for the chapter. Each chapter president should make sure that the treasurer, membership orientation officer, secretary and all other officers are aware of the proper membership reporting procedures. Special care should also be taken to train officers elected in the middle of the year in this area. The chapter will receive permission to initiate from the Executive Officers over the phone.

Initiation Eligibility

Specific attention should be paid to those statutes that pertain to eligibility for initiation. Title II, Sections 16, 17, 19, 20 and 21 refer to those requirements.

Transfer of Resident Council Membership

Title II, Section 22 of the Statutes provides for the transfer-of Resident Council, membership. The man who wishes to transfer his membership shall request that chapter to secure a certificate of transfer from the Headquarters. The transfer chapter must inform the Executive Director of its approval to accept the request and ask approval of the member's original transfer. The Executive Director shall request from the original chapter "a statement of all indebtedness, notes or other obligations owed to it by the member; and, if such statement be satisfactory and the application be approved by the chapter, notice shall be given by the Executive Director." If the original chapter releases the member, the transfer chapter again votes on his request, and, if approval is given, the Executive Director shall be notified. If a member is in debt to his original chapter, no transfer may be approved "until the obligation is paid in full."




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