Relations With The Fraternity And Its Constituencies

If A Chapter Must Be Closed

The relationship becomes particularly critical in the unpleasant situation of closing a chapter. Assets should be protected and preserved in such an instance to ensure they can be used later to re-establish the chapter.


When the time comes for re-activation of the house corporation, the procedure should follow these guidelines:

  • Notify area alumni by mail. (A list can be obtained from the Executive Office.)
  • Reactivate the corporation through the divisional vice president and telephone calls to key alumni.
  • Call a meeting of interested alumni.
  • Elect new officers.
  • Provide available materials from the Executive Office and Initiate a new training program for members.
  • Make certain an effective risk management program is put into place, as outlined in this Guide.

Sharing Ideas

At the local level, your house corporation should encourage and support an alumni chapter. Someone from your house corporation also should meet with the director of Greek affairs at the college or university at least once a year.

Relationship with Undergraduate Chapter

Four ongoing procedures can help your house corporation maintain a good, open relationship with the undergraduate chapter:

  • Check in/check out at the beginning and end of each lease period.
  • The house corporation president or his designee should meet monthly with the chapter president and house manager for a report on operation of the chapter.
  • Meet with new officers at the beginning of their terms to orient them as to the role of the house corporation and its relationship to the chapter.
  • Deliver an annual report to the chapter.

Domain & National Involvement

To gain from the total Fraternity experience, representatives of your group should attend regional conferences, leadership academy and convention where special sessions are presented specifically for house corporations. It is strongly advised that money be budgeted by your house corporation for these trips.

Maintaining communication with the Fraternity through the Executive Office and pertinent Domain Director enables your house corporation to benefit from up-dated materials and other information- including the availability of loans - pertinent to local operations. This also provides an exchange of experiences among corporations with similar concerns.


Sharing accomplishments of your house corporation through the pages of the laurel will provide recognition that can encourage further support from your alumni, and offer suggestions for other house corporations throughout the Fraternity.

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