Developing Manpower


One key to recruiting members for your house corporation is to list the primary areas of responsibility, and point out how an individual's expertise can contribute to board proceedings. Few persons want to spend time where they are not contributors. Recruit by personal contact, making it evident that the brother is needed, and his effort will be appreciated.

Your areas of responsibility undoubtedly include the following:

  1. Structural maintenance and repair
  2. Utilities
  3. Legal (risk, contracts, etc.)
  4. Finance (accounting, tax)
  5. Advising on house management
  6. Services (food, janitorial, landscape, interior design)

It is recommended that your house corporation have at least seven members (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and four other directors). Staggered three-year terms, with elections at annual meetings to provide continuity. A recommended goal is to reach a level of participation that will enable you to change officers after one or two single-year terms. Recruitment is enhanced greatly when there is assurance that no one will be coaxed into extending an indefinite commitment.

Characteristics for consideration might include:

  1. Age (you should have a wide range)
  2. Leadership experience, including that as an undergraduate
  3. Enthusiasm
  4. Prior involvement
  5. Interest in the chapter and the Fraternity
  6. Time required for occupation
  7. Geographic proximity

In recruiting corporation members, it usually is good to identify those within a one-hour travel distance, if possible.

You can receive a list of Alumni from the Executive Offices.

Be prepared to counter two most frequently expressed objections:

  1. Time commitment. The most effective means of overcoming this obstacle is a record of short to-the-point meetings at specific intervals. Promise, and deliver.
  2. Liability issues. Answers to these are found in Sections III and X of this Guide.

Undergraduate chapter representatives should be ex-officio, nonvoting members of the house corporation. Experience shows that best results are obtained when these include the
President, treasurer, and house manager of the undergraduate chapter.

The chapter advisor, if not a regular member of the corporation, should be an ex-officio member.

Recruitment and Selection of Alumni

  1. Methods used to identify prospects
    1. Executive Office mailing to area alumni to solicit interest
    2. Search conducted using Fraternity Directory to identify careers and vocations of interest
    3. Contact with area undergraduate chapters to locate involved alumni
  2. Hold general meeting to discuss needs, plans and basic organizational plans. Make telephone contact with prospects prior to the meeting to encourage them to attend.
  3. At meeting, discuss the chapter situation and ideas for solutions and identify those alumni who seem most interested and/or appear to have useful abilities, skills, etc. These include:
    1. Attorneys
    2. Accountants
    3. Architects
    4. Insurance professionals
    5. Contractors
    6. Business owners
    7. Former chapter advisors, officers or chapter consultants
  4. Seek commitments from individuals to accept a position

Training and the House Corporation Association

Introductory training for new members of the house corporation is important, not only for that person, but also as a review for those already serving on the board. Following are 7 ideas for developing such a program:

  • Identify the issues about which your corporation is most concerned and about which your volunteers are most in need of assistance.
  • Identify volunteers within the group who possess special expertise and who can be of assistance to you in training others.
  • Employ discussion and other interactive methods in the training program.
  • Utilize case studies and previous examples, both good and bad.
  • Obtain training materials from the Central Office.
  • Encourage innovation. Keep an open mind to new ideas and different methods of operation suggested by new members.
  • Encourage members to participate in inter-fraternity training opportunities and to engage in the interchange of ideas with others.


Should we look at bringing together all of the house corporations around the country for the benefit of sharing best practices and solutions to the various issues that arise from time to time?


To promote communication among house corporations and their personnel; to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information; to provide education and training for local house corporation officers; to provide information and advice to the Fraternity regarding the needs and house corporations for training, information, financial and personnel support.

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