Tips For Vacationing And Winterizing

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Risk Management

  1. Property damage can occur during vacation periods. Be aware of the potential for claims resulting from extreme weather and plan accordingly.
  2. Shut off the domestic water supply. This should be done especially during cold weather vacations if the house will be unoccupied.
  3. Maintain heat. Have your computer property checked periodically during all vacation periods.
  4. Have furnace and heating systems checked professionally. Check for proper operation, automatic shut offs, and proper venting.
  5. Store combustibles away from heating or furnace areas. These areas should be checked and cleaned regularly.
  6. Use wood-burning fireplaces with extreme care.
    1. Have the chimney cleaned periodically
    2. Do not use flammable liquids to start the fire
    3. Keep the fireplaces enclosed when in use
    4. Keep combustibles clear of the hearth
  7. Use extreme caution with portable heaters.
    1. Use only U.L.-approved heaters
    2. Keep these heaters away from combustibles
    3. Fill units outside and the building
    4. Never fill while the unit is in operation or still hot.
    5. Do not smoke during refilling.
    6. Maintain ventilation by opening a door or window.
    7. Store flammable refill material clearly marked in a cool, dry place.

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