Hitw Wish List

Hole in the Wall Camp Wish List

Because the Hole in the Wall Camps want to spend as much of their dollars on programs for the campers, they depend on the generosity of friends and volunteers to provide items from the Wish List. Conducting a Wish List Drive is an alternative to a philanthropy event in which the chapter is only requesting money. Corporate donors or individuals may opt to provide Wish List items as an in-kind donation.

**Before sending any Wish List items, please contact the Phi Kappa Tau Foundation for specific instruction on where to send material:

1-800-PKT-1906, ext 224

The following has been compiled based on the collective needs of all the camps:


Glue, markers, Sculpie art clay, kits, paintbrushes, paint rollers, paint pens
Paper – rolls, art, computer, writing, note cards
Photo albums, scrap books , journals
Arts and Crafts sponsor ($50,000 annually)
T-shirts (2,000, white, $4,000)
Poly-fil for campers’ bears ($1,500)
Hanging file folders, post-it notes, tape, paper clips
Crayons, coloring books, markers
Newsprint paper rolls
New books for library reading (reading levels 1-12)
Misc. office supplies (scissors, glue sticks, tape, manila folders, pens, hanging folders, 8' 1/2 " envelopes)
Xerox Work Center Copier
8 1/2 x 11 photocopy paper white and/or assorted colors


Bathing suits – new only
Backpacks – new only
Duffle bags/Gym bags – new only
Children’s new socks and underwear
Sweatpants (size 8 to adult)
Sneakers for campers (7-16 yrs old, new)
Sunscreen (500 bottles)
Life Jackets (extra small to 3x)
Hygiene items (travel size soap, shampoo, toothbrushes)
Pillow cases (300, $800)
Pillow case plastic covers (300, $800)
Twin sheet sets (400, $2,400)
Twin mattress covers (300 plastic, $1,500)
Various costumes (boas, pants, capes, animal costumes)
New washcloths and beach towels
Arcade games - non-violent, stand-up
Bean bag chairs (20 new)
Bench press and weights
Electronic hand-held games
Keyboard for camper music program
Nerf sporting equipment
Aquatic safety and pool gear and toys (new only, bathing suits, snorkel masks, flippers, swimming caps (silicone), Aqua safety goggles, wax plugs all sizes)
Videos appropriate for children 7-15


Disposable Bear hugger blankets
Large pillows with arms
Lap trays for beds
Assorted dressings and bandages
Adhesive tape
Ammonia inhalants
Band-Aids (colorful and assorted)
First aid creams
20 cc and 30 cc syringes
Heparin flush
Parenteral Antibiotics (i.e. Rocephin, Zinacef, Ancef)
Tylenol (adult and child) regular and extra strength tabs
EMLA cream
Ativan or Valium IV
Antibiotic ear drops
Bactrim DS tabs
Topical anti-fungal i.e. Lotrimin
Benedryl tabs and cream
Ibuprofen tabs
Bactroban cream
Anesthetic throat spray and lozenges
Milk of magnesia
Liquid antacid
Fleet enemas
H2 blockers (Zantec, Tagamet)
Bug spray (Low-now Deet) (500 spray or pump, $1,500)
Ben Gay
3" and 4" ace wraps
Cough syrup
Steroid cream
Normal Saline
Epingphrine 1:10,000-1mg. /10ml x 1
Alcohol pads
Activated charcoal
Vinyl gloves
Adult size Pampers, Depends


Folding tables (eight, 6 to 8 feet long)
Sofas (almost new)
Shade tents (three 20’ x 20’, $7,500)
Recreation and Sporting equipment – new only
Paddleboats, canoes and oars
Coolers (large with wheels)
Fishing poles
High chairs (2, plastic with wheels, $400)
Gas broiler (36” or 38”, radiant, freestanding, $4,000)
Guinea Pig Cages
Round Horse Pen
Small Paddle Boats
Vac N’ Blo large animal vacuum
Western saddles & tack
Indoor/outdoor film or disposable cameras
New billiard cue sticks, set of balls and chalk
Ping pong balls
Musical instruments (guitars, drums, and or wind instruments)
Large umbrella for outdoor pool area
Entrance mats for cabins
Small bedside lamps for cabins
Wood Chipper-large


Maintenance & Testing (medical equipment, $700 annually)
4’ x 8’ x ¾” plywood (20 sheets, $500)
#2 Pine Lumber (2 x 10, 1 x 12, $500)
Wire feed welder and torch set ($1,000)
Hand operated floor cleaning equipment ($2,000)
Woodshop tools and hand tools for maintenance ($3,000)
30’ x 40’ x 8’ aluminum roof over for outside storage ($2,500)
120 gallons of Cuprinol deck sealer ($2,500)
Tractor with front loader and mower
Compressor (Emglow M790-HCHV and Hose)
Porter Cable Brad Finish Nailer FN250A
Porter Cable Framing Nailer
Makita 4 ½” Grinder 9527PB
Makita Sawzahl JR3000V
Makita Cutting Torches Deluxe Set
Armstrong ½" Drive Deep well Sockets Standard 15-570
Armstrong ½" Drive Deep well Sockets Metric 44-555
Grayco Airless Paint/Stain Sprayer 359ST
Stihl Farmboss Chainsaw 029
Torch Tanks 10-year Lease
Miller Welder Thunderbolt
Belt Sander- stand-up and hand-held
Air Conditioners (See Camp Director for specific size and capacity)
New commercial upright vacuums
Brown nylon laundry bags
Mops & dust mops
Soap dispensers & refill soap
Non slip mats for tubs & showers


Printing Services
Promotional Merchandising
Pre-paid Calling Cards
Cell phones with service (AT&T)
Office Supplies
Gift cards to: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Office Depot, Walgreen’s, Mal-Mart, Gas Stations, Sporting Goods Stores, B.J.’s, True Value, Staples
Man Power and/or Expertise: Electricians, Painters, Carpenters, Lawn Care Workers
Industrial carpet cleaner/ upholstery cleaner


Washers (15, $2000 each)
Dryers (15, $2,000 each)
Small Refrigerators (10)
Large Refrigerators (3)
Chest Refrigerator (1)
Microwaves (3)
Garbage Disposals (7)


Lap top computers – new only
Computer monitors – SVGA 17”-19”
Digital card readers for PC computers (new)
Color printer
Memory cards for Kodak DC 240
Mini disk players with mutual gain control, auto normalizer, and optical I/O
TV/VCR combinations
DVD player
Portable radios with CD players
Laminating machines
Batteries (AA,C,D)
Walkie-talkie systems for staff X-box and Sega game machines


Vans (4)
Pick-up Trucks (2)
Golf Carts in good working condition (5)
Bus transportation for each session

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