Graduate National Councilor & National Vice President

Introduction to the Office

Phi Kappa Tau’s National Council serves as Fraternity's legislative body when the National Convention is not in session. The National Council (a.k.a. “ The Board”) has primary fiduciary responsibility for a variety of strategic and policy issues, including, but not limited to, planning, budgeting, and committee functions.

The Council is comprised of 14 voting members: National President, National Vice President, the Immediate Past National President, six Graduate National Councilors, three Undergraduate National Councilors, and two Phi Kappa Tau Foundation representatives. Typically, the Council meets in person twice per year. In addition, there are several conference calls during the course of a year.

National Council members are strongly encouraged to absorb their own costs whenever possible, including travel and meeting expenses. Additionally, Council members are expected to support The Phi Kappa Tau Foundation.

The National Vice President serves as a member of the board for a period of six years, beginning upon election to said position: two years as V.P., followed by two years as National President (pending ratification), then two years as Immediate Past National President.

Graduate National Councilors serve six year terms.


Each candidate/nominee for Vice President and Graduate National Councilor is invited to participate in a series of activities prior to and during the Fraternity’s Convention, including:

Submitting information to the National Council and the Nominating Committee about your desire to serve in the role;
Participating in a moderated Q&A/discussion forum during the National Convention;
Addressing the Convention delegation for three minutes as part of Convention proceedings

Following the conclusion of candidate remarks, delegates to the National Convention participate in a ballot process to elect National Vice President, then two national (graduate) councilors.


The ideal Graduate National Councilor will have experience on non-profit boards. In addition, candidates should have reviewed the Phi Kappa Tau Strategic Plan and should support the overall direction of the Fraternity as defined by the Mission, Vision, Creed, and Ritual. All members of the National Council are expected live out the ideals of the Fraternity and to be an exemplary role model for all members.

The Process

If you are interested in running for Graduate National Councilor or if you are interested in nominating another brother, the first step is to complete an application. All applications, and all questions, can be directed to gro.uatappakihp|etadidnaclicnuoc#gro.uatappakihp|etadidnaclicnuoc. After the applications are reviewed, the candidates will be contacted with additional details regarding the schedule at the Convention.

Strategic Plan and Organizational Assessment Briefing

There is a conference call scheduled for 11:00am ET on Monday, August 4, to offer any National Council candidates a briefing on the Phi Kappa Tau Strategic Plan and the Organizational Assessment with the expectation that this additional information may assist in helping prepare materials and/or remarks at the Convention. After the deadline has passed this week for candidates to declare their nomination, emails will be sent directly to those candidates with additional information.

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