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Thanks for putting this link on the RL. It's a good video to start the discussion about how we treat each other within our chapters and what we aspire to be as Phi Kappa Tau men.

Re: Hazing Video Link by shartmanshartman, 28 Oct 2008 13:57

Hazing Video
on the bottom of the screen there is link to watch the video. Also the website has why it was made and exactly who Jack was.

Hazing Video Link by ChuckPKT113ChuckPKT113, 30 Sep 2008 14:21

Flexible Approach
Our main focus is on the uniqueness of your chapter. GreekBill's proprietary software is engineered with a flexible front-end application allowing a fully configurable solution tailored to your billing processes. The GreekBill application was developed with the idea that a chapter should not be limited or forced to alter the schedule it needs to bill its members. Instead, we are able to adapt to your chapter's unique needs and customize our system so that the perfect fit can be accomplished.

Cost to the Chapter
In most cases, the overall net cost of GreekBill's services pay for themselves. With GreekBill there are no start-up fees and getting started is just a click away. Just fill out our no obligation rate quote form, and a rate quote, contract, and information packet will be sent for your review. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a representative do not hesitate to contact our offices at 800-457-3816.

Formal Billing Statements
One of the first excuses executive boards hear from members is "I did not know how much to pay." This is never the case with GreekBill. Once your chapter has completed the simple start-up process, your members will receive itemized statements similar to their telephone or credit card statement. Members can also securely access their real-time account status as well as view their payment history and all previous statements.

Variety of Payment Methods
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Real-Time Financial Updates
Each chapter has an administrative user-role allowing the treasurer and/or executive board secure access via a unique username and password to view real-time financial reports at anytime. These reports can be viewed on the web or downloaded in either Excel or PDF format for further use.

Collections Made Easy
In order to collect your chapter's dues, GreekBill will not only send itemized statements, but will also make phone contact with chapter members and send collection letters customized to your specific chapter's timeline.

Your Personal Representative
Once a client of GreekBill you will be assigned a personal representative for your chapter. This representative will be able to assist your executive officers and members with any billing issues they may have.

Customized Contracts
During the startup process GreekBill can create personalized contracts for all your chapter's billing needs. Having competent contracts that are understood by both the executive board and its members is a good step forward in formalizing your billing system.

Greek Bill Website

Greek Bill by ChuckPKT113ChuckPKT113, 05 Sep 2008 19:21

The link to the Membership Orientation Officer page is grayed out because the link is typed incorrectly. I tried to change it, but it says I can't because I'm not an admin/moderator.

Okay, so here are some things that are random, but I have wondered about them or have thought quite a bit about them:
The xi in the motto, when it was still officially lower case is often (even on the Maxwell Trophy) displayed without the hook on the top or bottom, making it look like an epsilon…is this because the writing of the Greek was done more in copying pictures than writing a language not many must have known enough to tell the difference? I have seen way too many mistakes in the motto, which is comprised of very simple Greek words. Also, why does the alpha of the first word appear to look like a "c" or a lunate sigma on really old copies of the Coat-of-Arms? Also, in Greek, the breathing marks and accents should remain on the now official capitalized words. And another thing: must the stars (mullets) all have shading, and if so, how should they be shaded? Should they have lines from the points to the centers to create five sections per star? Should they be nautical stars? Should the star at the top have rays coming off it all the time (resplendent?)? And, what does this mean, exactly:

"2. Chapter Coat-of-Arms. The arms of community shall be the same as the arms of
alliance, excepting that at the honor point shall be placed the initial letter or letters of the particular
chapter in Greek capitals argent (white)."

Where can those letters be placed in contemporary English? I have never seen this, but it would be awesome! Same for this:

"4. Chapter Seal. The seal of community shall be the same as the seal of alliance, excepting
that between the hinder-most hoofs of the two unicorns rampant shall appear the initial letter or
letters of the particular chapter in Greek capitals and the words 'Chapter Seal' shall be substituted
for the words 'Grand Seal.'"

Never seen this either, but where exactly do the letters go? Not to mention, why does the grand seal differ in print than it does on the stamped stickers placed on charters or awards? Plus, why can't we find any better copies of the original Coat-of-Arms, because my chapter's original charter has a very detailed one that looks much nicer. And what were the colors of the original Coat-of-Arms? Also have we abandoned putting patterns in black and white Coats-of-Arms to distinguish color? And don't answer publicly here, but please e-mail me if you know, what does the jar that the sphinx is holding represent? Plus, why does the turn second to the left on the National site resemble an end turn instead of a middle turn? And can the laurel wreath vert be gold instead of green->vert??? Like up there, in this page's header's left side… Another thing, do the curls of the banner with the motto go one in-front and one in-back of the shield? That would be pretty cool! Plus, I have noticed in From Old Main to a New Century, some of the fraternity's ritual secrets are possibly given away through studying of the Phrenocon Coat-of-Arms and its description in the text, if you call what is there "giving it away." Maybe not.

Okay, so I was reading an old edition of the Laurel, and the back cover had Phi Kappa Tau jewelery, including the plain badge, the chased one, the one with pearls and the diamond/zircon, plus larger copies of the badge, sister badges, which were smaller and for wives or girl friends, recognition pins for lapels, which were tiny gold pins depicting the original "Coat-of-Arms, alumni charms, which were essentially badges with loops for chains. Why can't we bring some of those things no longer offered back? I do not believe that they caused harm or were that bad of sellers. Another thing: does anybody have a picture of the badge for the now defunct "Little Sisters of Phi Kappa Tau?" I only have what the old Ritual for their initiation states. Also, is there a picture of the (I think it is the) Past President pin? I think it is a diamond in shape with a gem of some sort at the top, but a picture would be amazing! And is there any officiallity to chapter guard designs? Can they have items besides diamonds or pearls embedded in them? Are dangles recognized officially? I am assuming not. Okay, last thing: is it strictly forbidden to wear letters of a founding chapter if it came before Phi Kappa Tau (that would be Tau Gamma Psi for me)? Even if just in tribute or honor to those of the past? Okay, this is the last thing: are the older badges still recognized as official, even if no longer made in such ways—the oval center badge, or the Phrenocon badge, or even Alpha chapter's local badge for Phi Kappa Tau?

Okay, to add (now a later date than the previous paragraphs), shouldn't we reinstate the printed Phi Kappa Tau Songbook? I think this was great, and it presents clean alternatives to some of the more unfortunate tunes adopted by many chapters. The songbook, however, needs new songs written by current undergraduates and other LIVING brothers. Regardless, I think that the next printed edition should include all of the songs on record, including the ones eliminated from previous editions. It should have the sorority songs as well as the selections from the other fraternities, and these sections should also be updated. Okay, that is all for now.

Now, a whiles later, here's a question: is Sidelights still considered as a brothers-only publication, should an issue be authored and sent out?

Share y'all's thoughts PLEASE!!!

Although the Link is becoming stronger—as we would all like it to be, I have heard from various chapters that Academy and Convention should recontinue giving brothers in attendence printed contact information, at least to use as a checklist of sorts. As much as the Link can be used to find brothers, on-the-spot identification and "checking-off" is an awesome and trusted precurser to a brotherly relationship that can then be extended more easily over the Link.

Unfortunately, dashboard is often not very up to date, which makes it difficult to tell if reports have not been turned in or if they have been lost, but it is getting a little better. Hopefully the process can be perfected this summer.

Re: Dashboard by Beginning of ChangeBeginning of Change, 02 May 2008 00:02

So you dont know if your chapter is going to be Maxwell, Order of the Star, Basic or showcasue this year. You dont know if that report you submittted on comunity service has been counted. Well dont forget to constantly check your chapter's Dashboard page for up to date information regarding how your chapter is doing in the Borradaile Challenge. You can access your chapter's dashboard page by logging on THE LINK.

Dashboard by pktSantapktSanta, 28 Apr 2008 17:43

You can now download a tenative schedule of events for convention. The schedule can be found on The Link.

Re: National Convention 2008 by pktSantapktSanta, 21 Apr 2008 17:58

Who else from Gamma Tau is going to be at convention ?

Re: National Convention 2008 by pktSantapktSanta, 15 Apr 2008 13:45

Im going, and I cant wait! This will be my second National Convention!

If your like me and along with having a Link profile you might also have a Facebook profile. If your on facebook I would highly recommend joining the recruitment ideas and success stories group. Its membership is open to anyone and all the admins are Greek advisor's and Recruitment specialist. Its worth a shot and who knows it could helps to get those extra 2-10 guys your chapter might need.

Recruitment Ideas Group by ChuckPKT113ChuckPKT113, 11 Apr 2008 14:58

Do you feel like your chapter needs to strengthen its brotherhood? Are you tired of hearing brothers talk about how nobody in the chapter knows how to communicate with one another ? Do you just want to get to know your brothers better ? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions consider applying for a Building Men of Character Retreat. More information and an application for your chapter to do a BMC retreat can be found on The Link.

If your chapter has done a BMC in the past, please feel free to post your thought in how it went and how your chapter is now doing becasue of it.

Ever since I associated in Fall 2002, I have wanted to volunteer at Hole in the Wall. Unfortunately my schedule never allowed me to do so. One of my New Years resolutions was to volunteer at a camp, so I have decided that now is that time. The problem is I can not decided which camp I want to volunteer at. Does anyone have any suggestions ? Also, for the people who have volunteered at a camp what has been your experience ?

Hole in the Wall Camps by pktSantapktSanta, 03 Apr 2008 19:47

Here is video I found and posted on my blog on the link about the best way to tie a bow tie. I got some responses but I feel this video will best used if share it here on the forum.

This video is uber sweet. The hole is key. Once I watched this video I was able to tie my own bow tie on the first try!!!! give it shot you wont be let down

Bow Ties by ChuckPKT113ChuckPKT113, 03 Apr 2008 19:00

When I was associate I remember that I was never taught proper table manners. You think you don't need it but if you ever find yourself eating at nice restaurant or banquet you will need to know what to do. So here is a video you can watch personally or you show it your chapter brothers/associate member so that if they do find themselves eating at nice place they will be able to represent the chapter in proper manner.

Oh yea its kinda old but it does the trick
have fun

Table Manners by ChuckPKT113ChuckPKT113, 03 Apr 2008 18:52

If your tired of your house looking below par here is a resource that you may find useful. At you can find multiple helpful videos and instructions that help you fix your problems on your own. The network can help with any from painting your walls to installing a new toilet. The site can also offer new ideas that may have even though about when it comes to sprucing up the house.

check it out and tell me what you think?

Do it Yourself Network by ChuckPKT113ChuckPKT113, 03 Apr 2008 18:42

Form 990 nonfilers will be able to save their tax-exempt status.
IRS is developing a voluntary correction program to let nonprofits file missing information returns and pay any taxes and interest they owe.
Under a 2006 law, organizations lose their tax exemption automatically if they fail to file three years in a row. This penalty also applies to small nonprofits that have to start filing the new e-postcard in May.
IRS will probably launch the new program late this year or in early 2009.

Robert M. Swaim, EA
Accountants and Tax Advisors
1101 West Market Street
Greensboro, North Carolina 27403
336-274-5230 Telephone
336-274-5751 Facsimile

You can find the list of Councilors at

The undergraduate National Councilors are Mike Cerulo, Nick Fazio, and Dan Oney.

Re: National Convention 2008 by shartmanshartman, 24 Mar 2008 19:41
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