Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the manuals?

The idea of a static printable manual is out of date. You can find overviews and information relevant to each office under the officer tabs or organized by Borradaile category.

Where are the forms and reports?

All forms and reports are available on The Link at link.phikappatau.org.

Can I log in with my Link account?

No, although the Resource Library is found within The Link, the websites are written using different technology. We do, however, encourage you to use the same e-mail address and password on this site.

Can people outside the Fraternity join this site?

Yes. While the Link is a members only site, we want to encourage greek advisors, nonmember volunteers and parents to review and revise Phi Kappa Tau's Resource Library.

I don't want to edit anything, just take me to the information.

Great! Use the tabs on top or search for the information you want.

How can I edit and add my own expertise?

At the bottom of every page there is an edit button where you can begin to restructure, update or improve any resource.

Can I add new pages?

Yes, absolutely. If you have a new idea for a philanthropy report or a recruitment topic that's not currently covered, then create a new page.

Can I request new topics?

If you know there's a hole in the Resource Library and you know you're not the expert, then you can create a marker or add a request for someone else to create a new page on a certain topic.

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