Dealing With Law Enforcement Agencies


  • Cooperate
  • Listen to what their concerns are and their suggestions for correcting the situation. Respond in a civil manner. Be calm, responsible, and rational.
  • Deal with them immediately
  • Have a responsible individual address them as soon as possible.
  • Have a chapter officer present at the door
  • This reduces difficulties, especially those that may arise between sponsoring houses. Police officers prefer working with chapter officers who have control over the social function
  • Be sober
  • Both the chapter officer and the party monitors should be sober to handle problems that may arise and to be able to respond accordingly.
  • Take responsibility
  • Monitor your own events. Handle potential problems before the police get involved
  • Establish a working relationship with police officers
  • If a situation does arise, the police officer does know who to ask for


  • Mouth off
  • Quite possibly the biggest irritant to police officers
  • Shut the door in their face
  • Quite possibly the second biggest irritant to police officers. This gives cause for alarm, indicating that something that should not be going on is.
  • Congregate at the Entrance
  • Not only does this increase the apparent size of a party, it makes the job of those trying to monitor the party more difficult
  • Deny responsibility
  • If it is happening in your house, you will in all likelihood be held responsible
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