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The Gamma Tau Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau first started when thirteen students from a two-year branch of Old Dominion University wanted to form a social club. The Old Dominion campus formally recognized these men by the name of Omega Phi Sigma in May of 1962. A house on campus was picked as a meeting place shortly thereafter. By the fall of 1964, Omega Phi Sigma had grown to over thirty men.

In the beginning of the year in 1965, Omega Phi Sigma petitioned to be accepted as a branch of the Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and was accepted as the Gamma Tau Colony on February 8th. Throughout 1965 and 1966, the men of the Gamma Tau Colony increased their numbers and were able to completely remodel the old Omega Phi Sigma house over the summer of 1967.

On December 2, 1967, the Gamma Tau Colony was granted a charter and officially became known as the Gamma Tau Chapter of Phi Kappa Tau. During afternoon ceremonies, 34 men signed the charter and were formally installed. The installation banquet that evening took place at College Center. Former National President Warren H. Parker gave the installation address and former National Secretary Jack L. Anson presented the Gamma Tau Charter to Frank O. Caudle—the new chapter’s President.
In 1972, during the Vietnam War era, the Gamma Tau Chapter became inactive.

It took until August of 2004 for Gamma Tau to be re-colonized when 18 men came forward wishing to become members of Phi Kappa Tau. In November of the same year at the Building Men of Character Weekend, officers were established for the Colony and full control was turned over once again to the men of Gamma Tau.

Over the next three years, the Gamma Tau Colony went through many ups and downs but grew in numbers and expanded its alumni base to nine men. The Colony also gained reputation as an outstanding colony by winning the Fletemeyer Award in early 2007. Past Colony President’s Dan Lavallee and Robert Nixon both won the Greg D. Holland award for outstanding Colony President. It was not until the beginning of 2007 when the Gamma Tau Colony decided to pursue another charter with Phi Kappa Tau. The goal for chartering for the fall of 2007 was 30 men.

With the Zeta Class of spring 2007 and the Eta Class of fall 2007 added to the total numbers of the Colony, they were right at that goal of 30 men desired to charter. The date was set for November 10, 2007. In the afternoon on that Saturday, Jon Nastelli (BOG Chairman) and Charles Ball (National President) helped usher in a new age as the men of the Gamma Tau Colony officially signed the Gamma Tau Chapter’s Charter (91A) in the Board of Visitors Room of Webb Center. In addition to the men of the Gamma Tau Chapter, the several alumni members present were able to sign the back of the charter.

The chartering banquet was later that evening in the same building. With nearly 150 people in attendance—ranging from parents and friends to alumni and brothers from other chapters—packing the Hampton-Newport News Room, the banquet was kicked off by a welcome address from the new chapter’s President, Robert Nixon. Some other notable speakers included: Charles Ball (National President), Don Stansberry (Tidewater Domain Director), Steve Hartman (Chief Executive Officer), and Tim Hudson (Leadership Consultant). The Gamma Tau Chapter chartering banquet was concluded by the traditional Phi Kappa Tau Candle Light Ceremony and a singing of the Brotherhood song.


Originally: December 2, 1967
Re-Chartered: November 9,2007

Picture of the Gamma Tau Chapter November 10th 2007

Chapter Status


Chapter Activities

The men at Gamma Tau are a diverse group of individuals who enjoy many different facets of life. We regularly attend ODU Men's Basketball Games at "The Ted", as well as eat lunch together at least two times a week during a ODU Greek function called "Tables". We play Intramural Football and Softball, and we are commonly found on Kaufman Mall throwing a frizbee, football or baseball around.


Gamma Tau Awards

Fletemeyer Prize 07/16/2007


You can visit the Chapters webpage at our website

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