Gamma Phi


Northeastern University [Patriot Domain]


Founded as Zeta Gamma Tau - September 1959
Chartered as 93rd chapter, Gamma Psi of Phi Kappa Tau - January 27, 1968
Ceased operations - 1976
Founded as Phi Delta Nu - Spring 1986
Recolonized by Phi Kappa Tau - January 12, 1987
Rechartered as 93rd chapter, Gamma Psi of Phi Kappa Tau - May 31, 1988
Ceased operations - 1995


In 1959 sixteen Northeastern students formed Zeta Gamma Tau Fraternity, which was recognized by the university in 1961. The sixty members of Zeta Gamma Tau formally requested that Phi Kappa Tau grant them colony status. The Gamma Phi charter was granted on January 27, 1968. The chapter became inactive in 1976.
In the spring of 1986, roommates Greg Eakman and Doug Clinton started a twelve-member local fraternity on the Northeastern campus, adopting the name Phi Delta Nu. With the guidance of John Mullen and Mark Reed, members of Gamma Nu chapter at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Phi Delta Nu decided to attempt to return the Gamma Phi charter to Northeastern. By January 1987, the group had doubled its membership and rented a seven-bedroom house. Executive Director John Meyerhoff visited the group on January 12, 1987, and officially established the group as Gamma Phi colony. The colony earned the Northeastern Fraternity of the Year Award and the Fraternity Man of the Year Award in May 1988.
The Gamma Phi charter returned to the Northeastern campus on May 31, 1988. Forty-seven men signed the charter at the Carl Ell Student Center, and the installation banquet took place at the Somerville City Club, where Executive Director John Green presented the charter to Gamma Phi founder and president, Greg Eakman.
The chapter was suspended for disciplinary reasons in 1995.

Present Status

No longer in operation

Hall of Fame Members

Lenny Baker, Northeastern '69, Cofounder and retired President of Sha Na Na rock group


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From Old Main to a New Century, Charles T. Ball
Phi Kappa Tau Membership Manual: Centennial Edition

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