Epsilon Epsilon


William Paterson College [Mid-Atlantic Domain]


Founded and colonized by Phi Kappa Tau - Fall 1985
Chartered as 125th chapter, Epsilon Epsilon of Phi Kappa Tau - April 15, 1989
Recolonized by Phi Kappa Tau - May 2009


Glenn Cirapompa (Bethany, 1985) was the founder of the William Paterson colony during the fall semester of 1985. There were thirteen men in the original group. The colony grew steadily and worked to complete their chartering requirements over the next four years.
On April 15, 1989, the colony finally earned its charter as Epsilon Epsilon chapter, Phi Kappa Tau's 125th. The charter banquet was held at the Ramada Inn in East Hanover, New Jersey, with Peter Maes serving as toastmaster. National Vice President Walter G. (Sonny) Strange presided, and Executive Director John M. Green also delivered remarks to the charter members and guests.
Chapter President Kevin Sullivan accepted the charter on behalf of the new chapter.
The chapter has recently been recolonized by the National Offices.

Present Status

Colony Status


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From Old Main to a New Century, Charles T. Ball
Phi Kappa Tau Membership Manual: Centennial Edition

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