Delta Alpha


Iowa Wesleyan College [Hawkeye Domain]


Founded and colonized by Phi Kappa Tau - February 1967
Chartered as 97th chapter, Delta Alpha of Phi Kappa Tau - May 19, 1968
Ceased operations - 1984


The Iowa Wesleyan colony was established with twenty-six men in February 1967. Over the next year, members of the colony became deeply involved in the athletic, academic, and political activities of the campus.
The installation took place on May 19, 1968. Phi Kappa Tau's National President Warren H. Parker and Iowa Wesleyan's President Doctor Franklin H. Littel both participated in the ceremonies.
The president of the new Delta Alpha chapter accepted the charter from National Secretary Jack L. Anson.
Delta Alpha became inactive in 1984 because of low membership.

Present Status

No longer in operation


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From Old Main to a New Century, Charles T. Ball
Phi Kappa Tau Membership Manual: Centennial Edition

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