College or University

Miami University


320 North Tallawanda Road
Oxford, Ohio 45056


Founded in Union Literary Society Hall in Miami's Old Main building as the Non Fraternity Association.

Founding Date

March 17, 1906

Current Status


Awards and Distinctions

Maxwell Award, 1983 and 1999

Shideler Award Recipients:

William E. Cromer, 1938
John E. Fulker, 1949
Thomas S. Nichols, 1955
James G. Jones, 1956
Robert Gates, 2000

Notable Alumni

Past National Presidents:
Taylor A. Borradaile (1906-07)
Wilmer G. Stover (1908-09)
Alexander R. Paxton (1909-10)
Edward E. Duncan (1910-11)
Ernest N. Littleton (1911)
William H. Shideler (1913-14)
Edgar Ewing Brandon (1920-23)
W. Massey Foley (1930-34)
William A. Hammond (1964-66)
Charles T. Ball (2006-08)

Chairs of the Miami University Board of Trustees:
Hugh C. Nichols
J. Oliver Amos
William N. Liggett

Winners of the Miami University Bishop Medal:
Dr. Sam Clark
Anthony Poss
William A. Hammond
Ernest H. Volwiler
Harold D. Nichols
William N. Liggett
Roger C. Smith
Clyde C. Scherz

Members of the Miami University Athletic Hall of Fame:

George Booth
Alfred Gansberg
Len Fertig
Bill Mallory
Cash Powell
John Weaver
Norbert "Nobby" Wirkowski


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