25 Ways To Increase Motivation
  1. Permanently discontinue your use of words like “I” “me” and “my” and replace them with words like “we” “us” and “our”.
  2. Take time to write little notes of thanks whenever someone does something for the benefit of the group. It doesn’t matter if you wish they had done more!
  3. Ask someone else to lead the next meeting. Put the president role aside for a night and let someone else experience the position. Support that person in their temporary role.
  4. Give people meaningful work.
  5. Never take credit. Give the credit to your fellow members when things go right. That is the mark of a humble leader.
  6. Invite a key member out to dinner. Don’t talk business, but maintain that personal relationship.
  7. Hold a “Senior’s Appreciation Night”.
  8. When a member misses a meeting, ask him if he can host an executive meeting at his place.
  9. Don’t hold your next meeting in a stuffy room. Try picking a fun place such as McDonalds or Pizza Hut.
  10. Buy a few packs of candy and pass it out at meeting when a member says or does something positive.
  11. Be sure everyone in your group is doing something at all times.
  12. Ask members to visit other campus organizations as your liaison.
  13. Put a classified ad in the campus newspaper every week for a member who has made a contribution to the chapter.
  14. Be sure that for every serious topic on the meeting agenda there is something fun as well.
  15. Always support your brother’s good causes.
  16. Don’t always do serious and depressing programs. Make things fun and interactive.
  17. Always, always, always bring a camera to events. Get photos of members doing good things.
  18. Go to local businesses and seek out rewards for members that have gone above and beyond the call of duty.
  19. If an event is a little lower than you had wished, too bad. Don’t cry over spilled milk. Focus on the positive aspects and have a discussion on the successes.
  20. Always work hard to recruit new members.
  21. Pay attention to people’s girlfriends. These people are important to your members, so if your group is going out to dinner, be sure to have them invite their significant others.
  22. Send a note to your advisor’s supervisor letting him/her know how supportive and helpful he is.
  23. Remember Birthdays
  24. Go to a thrift store and by some goofy ties and distribute them to members as appreciation gifts.
  25. Send as many members as possible to our Leadership Academy and Convention.

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