Borradaile Challenge

What is the Borradaile Challenge?

The Borradaile Challenge is a series of standards that our chapters and offices have agreed are important to the Fraternity's success. There are chapter standards in membership, recruitment, programming and operations, scholarship, finance, philanthropy, community service, risk management, national participation, alumni relations, and reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this help Phi Tau?

The Borradaile Challenge provides three primary benefits. First, it clearly communicates Phi Kappa Tau's high standards to all members; second, it will assist chapters in meeting those standards; and third, it is a way for the Fraternity to document its top-level performance and share it with others.

How does it work?

Almost all data gathered for the Borradaile Challenge comes from chapter reporting. Therefore, if your chapter is behind in reporting, your full performance will not be logged in the Borradaile Challenge. When the Executive Offices receives a report or roster, the data will be entered into the Borradaile Challenge tracking page. You can check your page on The Link and monitor your progress in all areas of performance.

What if we don't meet the standards?

Check a few things. First, ask if you have reported information correctly to the Executive Offices. (It may say you are below the standard in philanthropy, but this is okay if you haven't held your fund-raisers for the year yet.) Second, check that you'll meet the standard by the end of the fiscal year (June 30, 2005). If not, your first point of contact should be your Board of Governors then Domain Director. Your alumni advisors will be able to help you meet and explain the standards.

What does it Mean to be a Standards Probation/ Show Cause chapter?

Standards Probation/ Showcause Process

How do I view the Borradaile Challenge?

Visit and either access your chapter's page or click on the Dashboard located in the Chapter Management container.

What areas are Measured?

Membership Orientation
Community Service
Risk Management
Alumni Relations
Board of Governors
National Participation
Required Reports
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