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Introduction to the Office

As a minimum, each chapter must adhere to Title VII, Section 60(b), (c), and (d) of the Statutes of Phi Kappa Tau which requires each individual to have, for initiation, a scholastic average of at least 2.4. It must adhere to Title V, Section 46(l), concerning scholastic eligibilities of officers, and to Title VII, Section 60(a) regarding scholastic probation of Resident Council Members.

The Overall Resident Council GPA must exceed the campus all-men’s GPA by 0.10 points. The chapter must maintain at least a 2.3 in the event that the all-men’s is below this expectation.

As Scholarship Advisor for the Board of Governors, you are a valuable component of the chapter’s efforts to maintain strong academic performance by its members. Your role should be that of a resource, educator, motivator, and governor. You should be willing to provide guidance to members of the chapter and be able to objectively handle members who continually fail to maintain minimum academic standards.

Scholarship Program

Upon assuming office as Scholarship Advisor, your first task should be to evaluate the chapter’s scholarship program. It does little good to dive into questions of chapter performance if there is no plan or procedure in place to maintain strong academics and deal with poor performance. You should begin by looking at the chapter’s written scholarship program, if available. Determine what standards have been established and whether or not they are followed. A good scholarship program will achieve the following:

  • Define academic standards for the chapter, active members, and associate members
  • Define the role of the scholarship officer and committee
  • Establish provisions for academic suspension and probation
  • Define the role of the Board of Governors in dealing with academically delinquent members
  • Establish an incentive or recognition program for strong academic performers

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

Works with the Resident Council scholarship chairman to monitor members’ grades, establishes study hours as necessary, and communicates between meetings.
Serves as a contact/resource person to the undergraduate scholarship chair.
Summons members that fall below a 2.0 (in a 4.0 scale) G.P.A. to Board of Governors meeting to discuss chapter expectations and potential suspension.
Recognizes, in front of the entire membership, those who excel in the classroom—plan to give an award (small cash prize, Phi Tau t-shirt, etc.) to the brother/associate who gets the highest grade point average each semester and to the brother/associate who improves the most from one semester to the next.
Organizes/conducts seminars for the brothers/associates on time management, study skills, note taking, etc.
Encourages the chapter to recognize a “faculty member of the year,” and/or to invite the faculty member(s) for dinner.
Ensures all associates meet the National standard of a 2.4 grade point average prior to initiation.
Ensures the chapter/colony is meeting all National academic policies, including officer eligibility.

Undergraduate Officer

Scholarship Chairman
Membership Orientation Officer


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