Recruitment And Retention Advisor

Undergraduate Officer Overview

Alumni Officer Overview

Board of Governors

Introduction to the Office

Job Description and Major Responsibilities

  • Works with the chapter and Board of Governors in transition for each office.
  • Works with recruitment chairman to establish a strong year-round recruitment.
  • Organizes parents/alumni to assist with recruitment
  • (Letters to parents who are reluctant to let their sons rush, alumni speakers at recruitment events and personal contact with parents when possible).
  • Helps develop recruitment manual/notebook to be handed out to every chapter member and review annually and update if necessary.
  • Works with membership orientation officer on creating and implementing an associate member pro-gram that meets the National Fraternity’s Standards. Hazing of any form cannot be tolerated and is against the policies and principles of Phi Kappa Tau.
  • Works with the brotherhood on creating and implementing brotherhood activities for the initiated members as well as speaker and facilitator.
  • Implements educational programming of under-graduate members along with the scholarship advisor (i.e. etiquette training, job searching, resume skills).
  • Organizes a big brother retreat.
  • Holds an officer, associate, or chapter retreat to establish goals and direction each semester (solicit help from the Greek advisor or corresponding school official).
  • Invites the associate class to one of the Board member’s homes to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and concerns and follow up with a meeting after becoming initiated.
  • Hosts and facilitates successful summer recruitment functions.

Undergraduate Officer

Recruitment Chairman
Membership Orientation Officer


General BOG Resources

Recruitment Resources

Membership Orientation Resources

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